The Power of Reciprocity: The Way Relationships Work for Everyone
Christopher D. Connors

We live in the physical plane, ruled by the five senses. But there is another plane, the spiritual that is unseen but not impossible to comprehend. Our karma has bought us to this world so that the souls learn lessons that will help us to evolve into higher beings.If we refuse to learn, karma will bind us again through another life or lives.

Thoughts are energy. Negative thoughts like fear, anger, jealousy have low frequencies while positive thoughts like love and compassion have higher frequencies.

Low frequency energies will physically and mentally weaken us. We know how our physiology changes when we are extremely angry.That’s why we are asked to forgive, love and empathize.

The Universe or Light or Supreme Intelligence whatever we call it, will guide us if we resolve to let go negative thoughts and embrace positive thoughts.

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