You Have Exactly What You Need
Christopher D. Connors

We must first become seekers before we want to be achievers.Many of us struggle to discover our true calling. Sometimes circumstances force us to to do things which may not be close to our hearts. It is never too late to make a course correction. Once we are able to align our jobs with our interests, there should be no going back. Fate may deliver nasty surprises to distract us. We must always be ready to expect the unexpected.

When preparation meets opportunity, we taste success. Faith is a confidence booster. It can be faith in oneself or in God or in a Higher Force.

If the intentions are honest, efforts are sincere, focus is undivided, the right doors will open and the right people will walk into our lives.

At the same time, I also believe that luck plays a role in our lives although we may not like to admit to it and try to claim all credit for success for ourselves. However, we should not wait for Lady Luck to shower her grace on us because she is fickle by nature.