4 reasons why tiny Portugal has given us so many global leaders
World Economic Forum

What is the definition of a global leader?Does one become a global leader just by occupying a position in the UN? Even the UN chief is only

a paid employee of the organization. Have these “global leaders” contributed anything to bringing peace to troubled spots like Syria? Have they done anything to tackle issues like terrorism and climate change? What have they done for the development of poor nations? Diplomacy is not statesmanship. It is largely about having the right connections especially being in good terms with the big powers. It helps that Portugal is in Europe. Will the new UN chief be able to do anything that his predecessors failed to do? He can’t because he is a puppet at the hands of the Big Five of the Security Council who use their veto as their trump card to bail out their rogue allies and friends like China is helping Pakistan and North Korea. Portugal’s colonial legacy is worse than that of Britain. It unleashed religious persecution in India. It practiced Christian religious bigotry. Britain gave India the English language. Portugal left behind bitter memories of religious fanaticism and a few churches in Goa.

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