Tony Robbins: The Day I Became (Truly) Wealthy
Tony Robbins

Your story is very inspiring. I applaud your altruism. Even congenital misers will be tempted to part with some money after reading your story. But I want to strike a note of caution. I am sixty years old. I am skeptical about this “ what you give will come back to you” because humans are inherently selfish and believe in reciprocity. People may not always reciprocate your goodness. What is going to come back even may not happen in this life.Don’t have any expectations when you give.

When I feed starving street dogs in my city, I feel tremendously happy and joyful.They don’t say thanks.The look in their eyes say it. I know they are not in a position to pay back me in any way. In the case of humans, always expect the unexpected.

This is not to question charity and philanthropy.