Age is just a number

“what will be my tax liability if I start earning more than a lac a month” thats what my dad was checking when we met over the weekend. Now, he isnt a youngster starting a new job, he is 84 and has just started a new business. It wasnt enough for him to start a new thing that prime age, he wanted it to be super successful and the reason he asked that question, he very well believed he is going to earn that kind of money.

My dad runs a 5 acre farm and has a pension from his primary teacher job. He has started silk worm farming 3 months back and has seen early success. He is mighty confident he will optimise entire land and create an earning of a lac a month, thats rare for a farmer and someone at that age.He cant walk a lot, as a car cant be manouvred in our village, has bought a motor cycle and hired a driver to take him around, thats some kind of ingenuity. And he is in pink of health.

All of this makes me so proud of my dad, his optimism, his independence, risk taking and willingness to face problems. It made me think age is just a number. Infact, its his optimism and hunger making him look forward to a new day everyday. And thats in a way reason behind his good health. If you are in 80s and think like a 40, you will behave and act like one.