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Design Thinking as a Framework for Innovation

In the recent years two words that keep turning up in strategic decision making are design thinking and innovation. But due to the similar scope of the two terms they are often confused with the other and their meaning gets convoluted. As a practitioner of Design Thinking in my role as a Design & Innovation Strategist, I am most often asked to bring clarity on the terminology and explain the differences. As a way to answer those who requested my answer and for others who might have similar questions, I initiate this blog. Moreover, I like the idea of having a dedicated space to record my thoughts on design and its role in the business and society. …

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Who takes control of driverless cars?

Automobile and transport systems have been traditionally dumb till the turn of this century. Since the beginning of the 21st century, digitalisation has been implemented in this sector to add intelligence and autonomy to the functioning of the car systems. From air bags and anti-lock brakes to cruise control, collision avoidance and even self-parking technology has been slowly enabling the consumers get attuned to intelligence and autonomy of the car systems.

As an evolution, the next generation of cars are to be completely autonomous and ‘driver’less cars. These cars use information and digital intelligence to navigate in the streets. This was recently seen in the past few year’s interest in the AI controlled cars. …


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