What’s in my Tinder data
What’s in my Tinder data

A few days ago I got to know, thanks to GDPR, a lot of websites are allowing to export your account data (Tinder included). It enables you to see what information these sites store about you.

In addition to being transparent with privacy, these data can help provide statistics that these sites never provided before.

Wouldn’t it be cool to analyze and quantify what you unconsciously do on Tinder? With that mindset, I requested Tinder for my account data.

How to get my Tinder data?

You can request for your own data at https://account.gotinder.com/data

Download your Tinder data
Download your Tinder data

The data will be emailed to you in a day or two.

The data

Now that you have your data, let’s see how it looks. …


Mukund Madhav

Novice at all-things life.

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