6 Best New Android Apps of the month : October’16

Apps have become an essential part of our lives. We look over best new android apps to feed our hunger for new apps. That is why every month I make a collage of best new android apps of the month so that you can take a peek at top releases every month.

Let me begin with the list.

6 best new Android Apps of the month

Featured:Tapxicon- Portable Dictionary

Tapxicon is a simple multi-screen dictionary that will follow you to every app you go. (Of course, You can choose from settings to turn it off). It provides — Definitions, Audio Pronunciation, Phonetic Notation, Synonyms, Antonyms, Usage, Derivation, Hierarchical Information such as- type, part, substance and others within a sinngle tap and because it’s powered by Oxford Dictionary it will prove to be your perfect reading compainion app.

1. Shazam Lite — Discover Music

Even been in a restaurant or a mall and suddenly you hear a song that you love? Shazam lets you recognize that song that is being played in the background. So, what’s the new big deal about Shazam lite? Shazam lite does the same function except that it is only 1mb in size and recognizes songs in 2G or offline mode also. (In offline mode, a part of clip is saved and once you go online the name of the song will be displayed!

Shazam Lite (Playboard) | Shazam Lite (Play Store)

2.Messenger Lite

Meet another lite version of a heavy app in the list — Messenger lite. Messenger lite does the exact same functions as the Facebook messenger but in a compact and fast (for slower internet connections). However, messenger lite lacks some pretty nifty messenger specialties like the ability to see who’s online, no way to see if your messages have been seen and you cannot see message requests.

Messenger Lite (Playboard) | Messenger Lite (Play Store)


Love chatting on messenger with chat heads? Chat heads provide a dimension to multitasking. As of now, the only messenger supports chat heads but this third party app wants things to change. Flychat lets you have chat heads for other popular apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, and hangouts.

FlyChat (Playboard) | FlyChat (Play Store)

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Tiles use Android 7.0 Quick Settings API to bring a greater level of awesomeness and capability to the Quick settings menu. This app lets you add features like Maps, Google search, weather, reminder right to the QuickSettings menu without having to leave the screen.

Tiles (Playboard) | Tiles (Play Store)

5.Luna Launcher — Kid Launcher

Giving kids access to a mobile device is a boon and a bane in itself. We don’t want our kids to spend the day playing Subway Surfers neither do we want them messing with unnecessary apps. Luna Launcher solves your problem. it can help you create an interface so that only important apps and contact lists are shown. You can even manage your child’s app’s usage enabling you to give a better upbringing to your child.

Luna Launcher (Playboard) | Luna Launcher (Play Store)

6.Battery Stats & Alerts Reborn

There’s one thing I do not like about stock android — battery management settings. The reason being that I cannot properly understand what the graph shows and how much did I use. It’s complicated. If you also do not understand it, you would know the importance of this app. Battery stats is a simple yet efficient app worthy to be on the list of best new android apps. In addition to showing how is your battery being used, it also shows time left for discharge and how much time would it take to charge from various sources.

Battery stats (Playboard) | Battery stats (Play Store)

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