What New Drivers Should Know about Car Insurance Singapore

Believing that no one can say with confidence that he or she drives never exist problem or risk. Even though he or she is good for driving or having years of driving experience. Hence, for car owners, owning a car can not avoid some affairs like car insurance singapore-http://www.khc-holdings.com/services/motor-insurance/ and road tax. But many new car drivers didn’t have any experience about buying car insurance policy. So, it might be full of minefield for the new drivers to deal with this thing. No matter how you want to hit the road after passing your driving test, no matter how much you have ready, it is advisable for you to drive after getting insured. There is a certain thing may should remind you. Before doing the final decision, you really need to clear that which type of coverage suit you and it is significant for you to choose a car insurance company you trust.

There are three typical types of car insurance Singapore offer you to choose.

i) comprehensive — this coverage can help protect your car and the other driver up to the limits shown on your policy. One unique in this type of coverage is that it cover your car against damage it sustains in an accident.

ii) Third party fire and theft — This type of coverage not only covers theft but also covers both own damage and legal liability of third party. If you live in an urban area which near highways or densely populated area, the risk of accident happen will be much higher. Also, theft here will be high in this area. In case of these happening, it is a good choice for you to choose comprehensive coverage.

iii) Third party only — which usually covers damage property, accidental death and injury to a third party.

Without doubt that the higher the risk of loss, the higher the cost of the insurance. Hence, you should choose a type of coverage that is really suit you according to your circumstance.

After clear which type of coverages you need, next thing you need to do may be how to get a cheap car insurance Singapore and how to select a right car insurance company. For new drivers, you can research online, compare different car insurance companies. By reading some relevant news, articels and customers comments leave the company. Then choose a reputable company. Whilst comparing different companies quot under the same policy. At the last, which is depending on you. Driving safely and avoiding driving convictions, which will keep your license clean and build up your no-claims discount, making your policy cheaper in the future.

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