February 10, 2019 Newsletter

What’s Mule Doing Now?

Seventeen years ago Erika Hall and I started a design studio. We wanted to do work that people needed. We wanted to be able to choose the projects we worked on. And we wanted to make some sort of difference in the world. All that stuff is still true. Everything else has changed.

— Mike Monteiro (@monteiro)

A New Service for You!

For organizations that need more than a single workshop to start gathering useful contextual data, we now offer our Rapid Qualitative Insights Course. It’s a research service and coaching in one. …

A 1-Day Workshop

Good work doesn’t sell itself. The myth that good work sells itself is just that — a myth. Good solutions aren’t always obvious at first glance. Good ideas, even the best ideas, need to be sold. Making your case makes it more likely your work will launch on time (or at all) and that it represents your true intentions. It’s smart business.

Who it’s for

You. No, seriously — you. And everyone on your team. Designers, developers, engineers, content strategists, or whatever funny title is the flavor of the week, everyone’s job includes having to convince someone of something. This is true of…

A one-day workshop for product teams

What makes an interaction with a digital system feel truly conversational? It’s not just being able to talk or text with a “smart” digital pal. You need to start with the people. Taking a quick look back at the last hundred thousand years of human communication will help you make the right leap forward.

Ready to talk about this? Get in touch!

Who it’s for

If your design team needs to move beyond screens, this workshop is for you— no matter what system you’re working with at the moment. …

In six weeks your team will learn how to learn

“At its core, all business is about making bets on human behavior.” — The Power of ‘Thick’ Data”, WSJ

We’ll help you decrease risk and increase collaboration

Uncover the opportunities that aren’t showing up in your data. Don’t get ambushed by what you didn’t think to ask. Start from goals, rather than reacting to analytics. Learn to combine qualitative insights with quantitative data to make quick, confident decisions.

What is this?

A six-week coaching program for teams. We lead you through a model research study that leads to both actionable insights and new skills, while accommodating your ongoing work.

Ready to talk? Or read a little more…

What you’ll get

  • A clear framework for…

January 27, 2019 Newsletter

The One-Minute Presentation Test

In my presentation workshop we talk about how to put together the right story, in the right order, for the people in the room. Then all the participants come up to the front and do a five-minute presentation. Recently, I’ve started assigning one of the participants to get up at the one-minute mark and walk out the door. After the presentation is over, they come back in and tell us what they heard. It’s usually nothing of value. How can we change this?

Sign up for my presentation workshop Friday, Feb 8, in San Francisco.

— Mike Monteiro (@monteiro)

Filtering Out


November 16, 2018 Newsletter

Presenting Work With Confidence

Humility is expensive. When you put work in front of people you need to be able to tell them how well it meets their goals and you need to be able to do it confidently. That’s what they hired you to do. Our Presenting With Confidence workshop will teach you how to present well, it will help you get over presentation nerves, and it will help you keep projects on time and on budget. Sign up now for our December 7th workshop. This is our last one of the year.

When To Put Down the Tools

On November, 1, 2018, 22,000 Google employees across the world…

October 18, 2018 Newsletter

Get (and Give) the Feedback You Need

Don’t call them soft skills! Collaborating effectively and communicating clearly throughout the design process are the hardest parts of getting good work out into the world. Because people. Join us for a morning in North Beach and stop fighting about personal opinions forever. Get your tickets now.

Urban Animals

I’ve been seeing coyotes all over the place in San Francisco. And while I think they’re cool — from a moderate distance — it’s a little scary when I have my snack-size dog along. In New York, a pair of artists have created a new way to see the animals who live among…

October 3, 2018 Newsletter

The Simple Sabotage Field Manual

In 1944 the CIA (or technically, the OSS, its precursor) published one of the greatest design manuals of all time, and by far my personal favorite. The Simple Sabotage Field Manual was clandestinely, and I hope very carefully, distributed to people living in Axis or Axis-controlled countries who sided with the Allied cause, including our good friends and role models at the French Resistance. It was declassified in 2008. The manual is filled with dozens of little tips and tricks about how you can sabotage your workplace in ways that won’t be too obvious. That way you can do a…

September 18, 2018 Newsletter

In Cars

I’ve been thinking about cars a lot lately. Truthfully, I think about cars all the time. Living in the tiny city of San Francisco (49 miles square!) which is also a transportation laboratory does that. Ride sharing has only increased congestion. And there will be scooters again soon. I’m excited to see what rolls out next summer.

Cars are so central to how we exist that it seems impossible to envision a future without them. At least in the US, it seems like all visions for the future begin with “so, what will cars be like?” Buckminster Fuller was thinking…

August 3, 2018 Newsletter

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Racist

On Friday, August 17th I deactivated my Twitter account. This was a personal decision. I couldn’t be a party to a company that would grant safe haven to a monster who harassed the parents of murdered children. There are many nuanced decisions we have to make in life. That wasn’t one of them. I also couldn’t remember the last time I used the service and got something positive out of it. And yeah, part of that was on me, because I chose to use it as a way to engage with the company itself. But mostly it’s because that’s what…

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