Send In The Clones

Looks like this is the new design trend. These are all very different services. Several of them are cool and useful, but it’s hard to tell them apart.

Nailed it.
Mmmm. Kids love quality content.
Does the video explain how the background photo relates to the service?
Subverting the paradigm! That appears to be a cup of tea, not coffee.
That poor woman. Who is she? Why is she sad? Is it her unreinvigorated enterprise feedback?
My brand! Let me show you it.
The Noun Project really came through. MacBook Pro, coffee cup, pen & paper.
What exactly are you selling me, Netflix? You should be selling me shows!
First look at this logo. Then, the one below.
Blurry, like my eyes at this point.
I see you sleeping! Don’t see your logo, though.
Centered logo variation. Mobile first!
Serif type. That’s something.
I do like their sad conference call video.
This is the enterprise site. The main home page has pink buttons.
It’s all bullet lists once you get off the splash.
Black overlay on photo of someone in a casual setting doing a thing on their device.
Check. Make sure to include coffee cup.
Using a pencil instead of a laptop or phone? This changes everything.
Two cups of coffee. Two devices. PLUS a tv remote. The orange juice symbolizes fresh fun lifestyle.
Why aren’t you showing us your screen? No coffee? You suck.
I commend Tilt for not bothering with the background photo.
A little peppier and softer.
Orange buttons! Old school. Mint might be the one everyone else is copying.
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