An agenda for your pre-survey safety meeting

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OK, so I haven’t convinced you to avoid surveys completely.

Well then, this is where I help you prepare your team to learn the most without getting lost at sea.

Why surveys are the most dangerous research method

To recap, I consider surveys an advanced technique because there are so many small nuances to their design that have huge implications for the results. …

Voice of Design: Episode 22

“Accessibility makes good designers great, and bad designers obvious.”

(Full transcript. Lightly edited for clarity)

Erika: Okay. Okay, are we all ready to go here?

Mike: Yep.

Elle: Except you’re kind of cutting out and stuttering. I’m hoping that this power cord will fix that.

Erika: Okay. You sound good. You’re coming through good on our end. All right, cool. Hello, and welcome to the voice of design 2020 I’m Erika hall.

Mike: I’m Mike Monteiro.

Erika: And we’re coming to you from our basement headquarters.

Mike: That sounded weak.

Erika: That sounded weak?

Mike: That sounded weak. It’s 2020. Twenty. Twenty. I don’t know what the hell that means. …

A metric to help you assess your organization’s ability to learn

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It’s pretty trite to say the world is constantly changing. But it’s also true. For any business, basing decisions on outdated information or the wrong information, creates tremendous risk. So, being able to learn continuously at every level and act on that information is critical.

As of this writing, business organizations are made up primarily of human beings. …


Erika Hall

Co-founder of Mule Design. Author of Conversational Design and Just Enough Research, both from A Book Apart.

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