Cool Canadian Fashion Brands in 2017

Canada has one of the best home-grown brands in the world and while the New Year’s just starting, let’s take a look at the wonderful brands that made a mark for Canada over the years. Canadian brands are more into basics that are captivating, practical and modern. As it is said, Canadian fashion is sensible, durable and classic, with rugged details that reflect the Canadian wilderness. A lot of elements in Canada’s fashion industry is inclined to the outdoors such as outerwear, workwear and sportswear that allows Canada’s home grown brands to create products that trademark Canada’s Fashion sense. Here are some of the best Canada’s fashion brands we’ve seen in the market today.

  1. Nella Bella

Nella Bella is founded by Tarek Al-Azbat and has its main office in Toronto’s fashion district. They are the brand who specializes handbags and accessories created from vegan fabrics which they aim to effortless offer their clients both sophistication and casualness. Nella Bella products are trendsetting and high-quality, created in a way that it creates a reflection of an urban-chic everyday lifestyle. Products are sold online, across Canada and abroad.

  1. Native Shoes

Celebrities and sneakerheads alike, joint with appreciating the revolutionary interpretations that enlightened by the past and shaped for the future, as what they claim to be. Native shoes is a global footwear brand that products accessible, easy-to-wear silhouettes for everyday use. They are homegrown in Vancouver and had created signature “Future Classics” which they say a combination of innovation, originality and the key ingredient — lite-ness. Native shoes has made its way to the scene with their awesome sense of innovative style of footwear.

  1. Reigning Champ

As a home-grown brand from Vancouver, Reigning Champ had made its mark in creating signature and premium athletic wear making its name by their guiding principle: Respect the details. Master simplicity. They produces fleece garments for some of the most sought-after brands including Supreme, Alife, and Engineered Garments. As masters of fleece and athletic wear, they make sure their products are cozy, reliable and quality that would totally satisfy and gives comfort to their clients.

  1. Raised by Wolves

Presenting classic streetwear, Raised by Wolves continues to gain popularity until now with the streetwear crowd. It has made a mark in certain parts of the globe and their garments are mostly manufactured in Canada and a few in the USA. The brand presents Canadian standard of outerwear and turned it into an artistic way of streetwear. Quality over quantity is what they are aiming and has been a long-standing focal point. They produces one-off model, meaning they create and release products entirely of single-season and never repeated, so every pieces is essentially limited edition. In every season, Raised by Wolves creates a standard of streetwear that ultimately Canada can be very proud of.

  1. wings+horns

wings+horns is born between Tokyo and Vancouver in 2004, aiming to combine Canadian taste of utilitarianism and Japanese-influenced minimalist feel. They are known for their contemporary menswear designed to balance rugged utility with considered simplicity. Wings+horns regularly make everything from accessories to footwear to your daily essentials.

  1. Herschel Supply Co.

Much like any other Canadian brands, Herschel Supply Co. is widely known in the global industry. As their goal says, to create a timeless product with refine regard for detail, they did paved their way to their goal marking a timeless mark in each of their clients. The company has been around since 2009 and has been quickly expanding other accessories beyond their main products which are the bags. Even Herschel Supply Co. gathers inspiration from all parts of the world, the brand still has the real sense of Canadian feel and ruggedness.

  1. 18 Waits

This awesome brand of menswear is created in Toronto which are built with the finest fabrics appropriate for every item within the collection. They make everything from sweaters and tees to full suits and outerwear and uses heavy-duty materials that are purely made in Canada. 18 Waits emphasizes quality in its materials and craftsmanship with a lineup of products made by artisans and manufacturers in Canada and the United States.

  1. Needs&Wants

Needs&Wants is an emerging brand that is based in Toronto offering a luxury sportswear brand that comes around with the idea — “a quality of life defined not by accumulation but rather a paring down to the essentials, designed for the aesthete of understated taste and international sensibility.” They held an extremely high standard for quality and aiming for elevating the foundations of menswear by including contemporary cuts and detailing. Currently, Needs&Wants now have expanded their collection by adding shirts, hoodies, home fragrance and a bi-annual publication of their outputs and designs.

  1. Roots

If you are a real Canadian, you will very familiar with this brand known for its leading lifestyle brand of quality leather goods, apparel, accessories and home furnishings. Founded in 1973, Roots has more than 220 retail stores in Canada, the United States and Asia (China, Taiwan). Roots paved its way to the scene by making each of their products has a nostalgic quality that every Canadian and non-Canadian will sense and admire.

  1. WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

Started producing luggage and has now expanded into other essentials such as gloves, slippers, and cases for phones and tablets. WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie is a brand that offers modern travelers from streamlined weekenders to modern briefcases to backpacks and accessories. As what the co-founder Byron Peart said, their goal is to look at all of the needs of people in motion and figure out how they could better their experiences by making things that are useful, functions well, with quality materials and construction that delivers value.

  1. SOREL

This brand has been in the industry for decades with the aim of bringing functionality and heritage of expert craftsmanship to the modern world of fashion. SOREL is known as one of the world’s best-selling cold weather boots by combining felt, wool, premium leather, and flawless construction to their products with people who aren’t afraid to get their boots dirty.

  1. Muttonhead

Muttonhead is a brand that produces Canadian unisex sportswear, proudly made in Toronto. Slow design is their main focus, a counter movement to fast-fashion, offering a wide range of selection from sweats, tees, hats, dress shirts, and slacks, with a more active, outdoorsy slant. Muttonhead makes sure that they make clothes that look good using sustainable materials and fair trade practices that makes sure their products to outlast trends.

  1. Canada Goose

The ultimately cold weather in Canada has Canada Goose win over many brands because of its legendary warmth and quality among its products. This brand has been over 50 years and has never failed ever since. All products are all produced in Canada to make sure of its quality. Canada Goose is best equipped by arctic explorers that goes to insanely cold temperatures. They offer precision of every cut, fold and stitch is one that’s guided by decades of experience.

  1. Leafwood

Leafwood is known to produce wood watches and glasses. Their aim is to create a unique concept of fashion by interweaving nature as its basic foundation. Each item is handmade by professional dedicated craftsmen who work with wood and quality. Other than watches and sunglasses, they also make covers for the iPhone and Samsung, with adhesives and dyes, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, on a basis of PVC. They make sure that each product is unique because even products are made on the same crop, wood grain may have different color and intensity.

Leafwood ensures that they give back to whatever they take from nature so even though all of the products are manufactured from mostly wood, Leafwood still pledges to plant a tree for every sold.

  1. Mule Ties

Classic yet modern vibe neckwear and accessories is what Mule Ties is specialized for. Mule Ties started by creating men’s neckwear by hand and has expanded with talented people that assisted them in creating excellent products. Currently, it has an amazing group of artisan craftsmen and experienced tailors who are responsible for quality and fineness of Mule Ties products. They offer high-quality and on-trend menswear which only started from simple neck wears and expanded to different styles of apparel including bow ties, neck ties, watches, jewelry, socks and pocket squares. These apparels are designed to fit any of your wardrobe style and help you create a new and unique look that could definitely fit for a perfect #OOTD.

The company aims to compete and has been since then competing to the fast growing neck wears and apparels in the fashion industry. The quality and stylish designs of Mule Ties products had made it to the top of its field. It is never a doubt that by the great and creative minds Of Mule Ties, this company will continue to present exceptional products to its gratified customers all over the world.

So there you go — our current list of the best fashion brands in Canada. I bet you now have a lot of selection in choosing what product you should use. One thing’s for sure, there Canadian brands emphasizes quality and sturdy products, so whatever fits your choosing, you are sure of standard product created to suit your taste.


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