How To Match Your Socks With Your Outfit — Men’s Guide

Nowadays, socks have been used not only for protection and comfort, but for style and fashion. For men these days, fashion socks have been a staple to men’s everyday outfit. Gone are the days when socks were just used for practicality and function. Today, similar to pocket squares and ties, men have been closely paying attention to details of their socks’ design and style and how it should match their outfit. It may seem easy to think about what socks to wear but choosing what pair of socks to use in matching a particular outfit can be tough. Every man with taste in fashion knows the importance of pairing up socks with their suit or even just casual wear (jeans, shorts, khakis). Here are some guide on how to match your socks with your outfit:

  1. Always wear socks that is in perfect condition. Unless your socks won’t be exposed while you wear it it’s not an issue. However, it is better to be careful than lead to an unexpected embarrassment when you unexpectedly take off your shoesJ.
  1. Match the color of your socks with the color of your pants. This is the safest choice in matching your socks with your pants, however, avoid wearing the exact same color. Choose the lighter or darker shade to enhance some complexity in your style. And if you do match your socks with the color of your pants, you can also try to be creative with the texture, just to add a bit of flare in the overall appearance of your look.
  1. Use colorful socks to add depth in your style and a touch of personality to your look. Colorful socks are best paired with patterned, striped, and solid suits. If you feel like wearing colored socks to your outfit, it’s better to follow Fashionbean’s color wheel to capture the right choice of your sock. The color wheel is your guide in matching a perfect sock for your outfit. When in doubt of your color choices, the color wheel is the best guide for you.
  1. Patterned socks. As a general rule, match your patterned socks with a color that you’re wearing above the waistline, like the color of your shirt, tie, or sport coat. You should also void matching the pattern of your socks with the exact pattern that already exists somewhere else in your look. Notice if there’s already a lot of pattern going on in your look, reach out for the solids or neutrals and save the patterned socks for another day.
  • No-show or sneaker-cut socks. A no-show or sneaker-cut sock is ideal for pants that shows your ankles. If you wear a mid-cut socks, chances are it will look a little off especially when wearing formal suits.

Socks is a staple part of mens’ outfit. If you’re someone who’s new to this, don’t be afraid to explore the sock world. Not sure where to get them? You can browse our sock shop here. There are a ton of stores that carry fashion socks nowadays, you’ll quickly find them whether in stores or online shops. It’s just a matter of the design you are looking for. Once you start wearing fashion socks, you’ll find it’s hard to go back to the plain white, well, boring socks. Black socks is still pretty versatile, you can pair it with a ton of coloured outfits. I hope you find this short blog helpful and useful.

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