The Summer Outfit of the Year The Dude Romper — Get Yours Before they are Gone!!

Let’s hope there’s a winter version coming soon for Canada.

All men owe a massive load of gratitude to the revolutionary style radar brimming with a charmingly contemporary and refreshingly new menswear trends. After the immensely popular boat shoes and all the rage fleece vests, flaunting your muscles abs and powerful biceps with sexy 5.25-inseam shorts, and giving newer style dimensions to how we style up a classic gingham button-down. We are proud and excited to announce the advent of the sexiest style trick, which is brimming with contemporary suave and a super-functional debonair.

Kickstarter’s latest project has caused quite the glamour frenzy over the internet, and we delighted that a quirky and energetic new label, RompHim, has introduced us to a charming new summer-friendly trend, rompers for men.

This exciting new label has truly revolutionized a gentleman’s attire, and divided the population of America in a hot debate over the merits of flaunting this humidity-escape rompers. RompHim has created more than $68000 in no more than two days, and this has set a new Kickstarter goal. This exciting new trend, which looks like a cross between an onesie and a romper, may be considered risky, but it’s truly what you need to innovate your wardrobe and flaunt an exclusive new trend.

RompHim has brimmed menswear trends with charm and innovation with their latest creation, which must not be called a romper, but rather, a RompHim. It is an exciting new brand launched on kickstarter, which works wonders at providing men with a charming series of summer-friendly rompers to flatter their formal, casual and beachside attire. The variety is endless, and the colour palettes are truly enticing.

Now, come to think of it, rompers are always regarded as a no-no for gentlemen who wish to look sharp and sleek. But have we ever wondered why?

Is it because we associate certain bizarrely orchestrated gender labels to all trends, and pick out the ones that make us feel more manly? One doesn’t necessarily have to jump aboard the bandwagon of reigning trends, particularly when one isn’t confident whether a certain trend will flatter one’s physique and personality. It is important to understand that one mustn’t pick out the trends to stock in one’s wardrobe by scanning through a series of gender labels, and societal-approved trends that men ought to flaunt.

Rompers are usually considered a suitable fashion staple for women, however, most men have serious doubts about their functionality for menswear. Truth be told, one’s style is a commitment that one holds with oneself, and if you’re the kind of man who isn’t confident about jumping aboard the romper trend train, don’t force yourself to embrace it.

There are several women who consider rompers as a hideous staple, and a ridiculous addition to their wardrobe. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that certain men also considered it hideous and unmanly, along with believing that they make peeing ridiculously hard. At the same time, countless men appreciate the comfort, summer-friendly vibes and the zipper fly luxury that comes with flaunting a romper. However, one can’t really deny the fact that it is after all, a risky styling territory to step into.

RompHim created this charmingly sexy new innovation to make something exclusive and unique for men, of the kind that wasn’t available in the fashion markets for guys. Who isn’t tired of flaunting the same old same old outfits, comprising of blazers, button-downs and pants? Therefore, the guy romper was created to give men a classier fashion staple that will set their style statement apart in the crowd. A romper will not only differentiate you and make your look highly exclusive, but more importantly, it will give your personality a voguish, fun-loving vibe.

We can state with utmost certainty that the dude rompers are going to emerge as the hottest new trend in the menswear fashion scene. And come to think of it, what’s not to love about a romper? It is luxuriously comfy, vibrantly bright-hued and amazingly summer-friendly!

The innovative brand showcased its suave collection of rompers by capturing the male models in their natural habitats and cultures. Be it having beer with your pals, hitting a beachside rave or attending a music festival, dude rompers are super-functional at beating the heat and humidity at any given occasion, any given day.

You can rock these babies in a wide array of prints, hues and styles. If you wish to channel your patriotic side, the America themed romper is a splendid pick, and if you wish to give your personality a burst of youthfulness, you get to play around with an unending myriad of insanely sexy prints. You can also experiment around with a lovely colour palette, consisting of florals, pastels, bright hues, and deep bold colours, liked red, burgundy, blue and lots more.

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