Top 5 Colognes for Spring/Summer 2016

It is hard to imagine fashionable men not wearing fragrances on their bodies during spring and summer season. These fashion accessories become a mist to suppress body odours and to prevent the smell of body sweat from creating a bad impression on others, especially the members of the opposite sex. If you have become bored with your old Old Spice cologne or the Drakkar, here are top 5 colognes that you can wear with confidence this spring and summer.

  1. Bleu

This is the latest offering from the house of Chanel for men who are conscious about their physicality and sex appeal. This is a fragrance that has already captured the imagination of a large number of men around the country. It is a woody scent that has been mixed with the scent of several citrus fruits to create a unique and mesmerizing fragrance to increase your sex appeal. You can buy this cologne for as little as just $72.

  1. Artisian Blue

This is interesting new cologne from John Varvatos to help men who like to be at the top of everything that they do in life. It comes in a very beautiful; basket packing and lashes you with an eclectic mix of bergamont with orange blossoms. Patchoulli, and Egyptian geranium which gives a very refreshing feeling. This cologne is available at a price of $86.

  1. Sauvage

This is an intoxicating fragrance introduced by the house of Dior. Dior calls it Eau de Toilette but you can wear it on your body for whole day long to remain fresh and lively. Available for a price of $65, this scent is a mix of bergamont, ambroxan, and pepper. This cologne can be worn at any time of the year to increase your sex appeal for women around you.

  1. Terre d’Hermes

This is top selling cologne for men. Though it is a pretty expensive fragrance being sold for $128, it is nonetheless very popular among men because of its ability to set them apart from ordinary men in a crowd. This cologne has a very exciting smell that is a mix of green notes, minerals, and grapefruit.

  1. Clean

This is the name of the exciting new fragrance for men. Touted as shower fresh, this fragrance is meant to be applied over body after taking a shower. This is a great scent for times when you are feeling down or just after coming out of the gym.

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