Blog Post 8 (Ryan): Technology BOOM?

Ryan spends some time touching on previous technology booms in the past and how he believes this will impact our digital future. The change from newspapers to digital news was the most recent boom, happening in 1995. He says that the ability to get just certain articles from the newspapers online allowed users to get their information from diverse sources (Page 161). His prediction is that the next technological boom would most likely come from a source that further allows users to control the types of information they receive and the timing of the information. By doing this, the everyday life would become easier. Even in 2005, Rupert Murdoch chimed in regarding the Internet. Murdoch recognized that he was not raised with the Internet intertwined with everyday life, that there was a sort of hierarchy that delivered the news to everyone, but recognized that his children would be one with this technology (Page 163).

What do you think this next technology boom will look like? Do you think it has already happened after the publication of this book?

With what I know of these technological booms and the use of Internet in our lives, it comes as no surprise that someone like Jesse Ventura, and others like him, are able to base their campaigns on the usage of Internet communities. By including the voter in the decisions that matter, the candidate can tailor their running to meet the needs of the voter. Now, politics are as involved with the communities as they can get. This goes to show that the next boom will have to include something for everyone — something that allows a collaborative experience and the ability to make life more efficient. But until we know what the next underdog to look for is, we have to know where we want to go as a society.

What recent candidates have we seen use the Internet to gain momentum? What candidates should have used the Internet to their advantage more? Do you think that politics should be part of social networking?

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