Why do I want to become a software engineer?

Me (right) upside down after taking a literal and metaphorical leap of faith from the top of a telephone pole to a trapeze bar. Did I make it? Nah. But I tried.

So why do I want to become a software engineer?

Two years ago I would never have imagined asking myself this question. Software engineering never crossed my mind. I have a Bachelor’s in French Language and Culture, a Master’s in Educational Theatre, and got a dream job teaching high school French and Theatre. And then our school’s computer science teacher approached me about teaching CS. I laughed — “Well, I’d have to learn it first!” — but then I thought, that could be cool.

I am in my second trimester of teaching Intro to CS (which I have lovingly nicknamed ICS) and am loving the challenge. I started blogging about my experience transitioning from French and Theatre into CS on a blog called “she iterates” to track my own progress and remember my struggles.

So back to the question: why do I want to be a software engineer? Because computer science is changing the world, for better or for worse. I would like to contribute to the “better”.

Why Holberton School?

That same CS teacher who approached me about teaching CS sent me a link to the application — just a little nudge. I’m one to pursue opportunities when they’re presented to me, and I think this is worth pursuing. Since my CS studies began, Grace Hopper has quickly climbed the ranks of my heroes with her fearlessness in challenging our acceptance of the way things are.

I did not know about Betty Holberton, and I love that the reason the school is named after her is because she did not fit the typical “software engineer” profile. With my educational background I’m sure I don’t either, but my interest in the field has grown exponentially since learning about it, and I figure, what the heck? I’ll give it a shot!

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