UX has become one of the most used terms in the tech industry, with many companies setting out to hire their very own UX designers, researchers, or a hybrid of both. But we noticed that for some clients there’s still uncertainty as to what is UX, let alone what a UX designer can do for their product. In this article, I’ll shed some light to clear it up and also mention why UX design is important to ensure the success of a product in the market. Let’s start with its definition before diving in the details.

Defining UX

UX simply stands for…

One of our core values here at 10Clouds is that we’re always striving to learn about new and exciting processes that we can use to help our clients reach their goals.

We get clients that approach us that have only an idea. That’s why we decided to offer the Design Sprint, particularly the 2.0 version of this (you can read all about it here), to our clients. It’s the ideal collaborative process that allows us to define a challenge from an idea that can quickly be transformed into a clickable prototype for testing. All of that in just four days!

The team

There are imperfections in the testing process, particularly with the people you’re testing with. I’ve noticed how people lack the rationale for why something should be done differently. And this is where we come in as UX and visual designers. We should observe, ask, listen and understand. Combining this with our expertise and experience we’ll be able to design better products.

After my first time conducting a user test, I came to realize something interesting. And it’s the power that lies in testing a product with the people that are going to use it. These tests often result in those…

Gialdo Muller

UX Designer based in Warsaw

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