I don’t think you know what an airsoft gun looks like. It looks like…a real, actual gun.
John Thompson

Comeon, i know how airsoft gun looks like, i’ve been in the range a couple times and to tell the difference thats why they have that Orange thing.

Im not saying that he was right by pointing it to people (Thats a big mistake) and sure parents were to be responsible for that.

But my main point is, killing him wans’t a a wise choice for police to do.

So u want to say that if you have a kid and happen to take your weapon on public, they are eligible to be shot?. Is that a right way to live, and would you be okay with that?.

Where is the meaning of Serve and Protect.

How many White kids out there who even went on to shoot people (in hatred) in schools and other public places. Were all gunned down?.

My point here is that, Parents had their responsibilities on that which could be charged for that and police also were reckless and had to be charged for what they did.