Happy Bride: How I Dumped the Wedding Industry
Sarah Schacht

As a former caterer who has catered more weddings than I can count, there are so many good ideas in this article that I used to suggest to the brides that I met. Food was almost always the last thing that they wanted to spend money on as the rest of the wedding consumed so much of the sometimes miniscule budget.

On the other hand, there are reasons that caterers and others upcharge a wedding as there are the most time consuming, complex and stressful events for a caterer to do. Over the years, my event staff were asked to do everything from changing diapers to moving furniture, lifeguarding and finding impaired brides who wander off into the woods. Bridzillas were common as were the ZillaMoms and even the AnalGroom. Most families have a meltdown during this time and I was often the mediator to some pretty nasty business.

Purchasing a wedding is not like buying a pair of shoes!

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