Notes: this post assumes foundational understanding of crypto. This post was originally featured on BraveNewCoin. By Kyle Samani. Multicoin Capital is based in Austin, TX.

Ethereum is unquestionably the market leading smart contract platform. It’s the oldest and most mature. It likely has the best protocol developers and certainly has the best community. Developer interest is surging. Major companies are investing in the platform. It has a clear roadmap. It’s led by one of the brightest minds of our era.

Ethereum’s network value is about $30B. Here’s the competition:

Multicoin Capital is based in Austin, TX.

For our full analysis and valuation, please download this PDF.

Augur is a decentralized prediction market built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Its native token, REP, is a utility token that allows REP holders to perform work for the Augur network in exchange for a percentage of the network fees. We firmly believe that blockchains will be the foundation to fulfill the long-recognized vision of prediction markets. Augur is the most advanced and promising prediction market.

The Promise Of Prediction Markets

Prediction markets have been of interest in both the financial and…

By Tushar Jain

Traditional venture capital firms typically invest in the equity of young, fast-growing, technology startups. Each individual investment is risky: 75% of venture-backed companies fail to return invested capital to their investors. Venture capitalists rely on the fact that the winning investments will return enough to cover the losses from the losing investments and more.

A venture fund might make 20 investments. 15 of them will probably return nothing. 3 or 4 may return 5–10x. And 1 or 2 may return 20–30x. This hypothetical fund will return 2–4x despite the fact that 75% of investments returned 0x.


Today, Tushar Jain and I (Kyle Samani) are excited to announce the next chapter of our careers: Multicoin Capital.

Multicoin Capital is a fund that invests exclusively in liquid cryptoassets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many smaller, alt coins. We offer investors venture economics with public market liquidity.

Our Story

The two of us met at NYU almost 10 years ago. Although we were studying finance, we were always more interested in tech.

Take a look at some of the emails between us from 2010:

Multicoin Capital

Crypto fund based in Austin, TX. Venture economics with public market liquidity.

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