*Announcement — DAO Treasury Management Group* — Limited Spots

DAOs talk Treasury Management, Assets and Yield Farming on Multifarm

Dear Multifarm Community,

The Multifarm Platform is growing at a high speed- thanks to all of you!

Apart from attracting some of the most sophisticated farmers in the DeFi space, a number of DAOs have started to approach us to use Multifarm to manage millions in their treasuries.

We can explain the recent hype around DAO treasuries due to several trends:

  • Exponential growth of AUM (Assets Under Management) across DAO treasuries
  • New Trends such as FaaS (Farming as a Service), Bonding-Mechanisms, NFTs x DeFi crossovers, “Curve-Wars”, Bribing, etc.
  • More sophisticated capital deployment of DAO treasuries
  • Larger selection of farms and strategies to choose from

However, most of the DAOs still lack:

  • Transparency in their reportings
  • Sophisticated Risk Management Frameworks
  • Deployment of Capital According to DAO philosophy and best risk-adjusted returns
  • Data Driven Investing and Portfolio Monitoring
  • Stress-Testing
  • Mutual Exchange with other experts

To further strengthen this discussion, we decided to create an invite-only DAO group, where we discuss more nuanced and sophisticated yield farming and capital deployment strategies, with a particular focus on DAO treasuries.We envisage newer DAOs, more established DAOs and treasury analysts will stand to gain from these exchanges.

We have already filled some spots with some high profile DAOs as well as sophisticated analysts. Additionally, exclusive reports will be shared within the group.

Get Involved:

If you want to take part in the discussion, simply DM us on Twitter about your DAO and we will add you.

NOTE: The group is free, but by invite and limited to 20 spots in order to keep the discussion high quality!



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