Stephen the “Calculator” on OHM forks, ‘4,4’ and Leverage Farming


Q: Hi Stephen, great to have you with us. Could we start with your background? How did you get into DeFi and the rabbit hole that is yield farming?

Q: Your calculators for various OHM forks have been extremely useful for the DeFi community, thank you so much for that. What are your current strategies when it comes to Ohm Forks? How do you go about researching a rebase currency before investing?

Stephen has several Excel calculators for OlympusDao, Wonderland $Time, $KLIMA, $STRONG, $PRE and more.
Stephen’s “AnyDAO” Calculator. Source: Youtube
A list of freely available DeFi, Yield Farming and Finance Calculators. Source:

Q: Once you’ve found a 3,3 you think is a great project, what strategy do you take? Do you 3,3 (stake) or 4,4 (bond, sell then rebuy), or do you switch between both depending on what’s profitable?

HectorDAO’s Bond (4,4) section:

Q: What chains and protocols are most interesting for you at the current time?

Q: Strategy-wise, what percentage of your portfolio do you allocate to “safer” battle-tested protocols and/or stables, and what percentage to riskier, low-cap, newer protocols? Do you regularly take profits or do you hodl, borrow against assets, or…?

Q: Where do you see the future of DeFi yield farming? Do you think the Olympus Pro model is here to stay?

Q: Do you use things like leverage, borrowing, liquid staking etc? If so, how do you mitigate potential risks?

Stephen’s Youtube Channel on Looping on

Q: Bonus questions: Any hot alpha for us?

Stephen can be found on both Twitter and Youtube.



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