A tool is only as good as the hands that use it.

So, within this day and age we’re all walking with some sort of smart phone and referencing it every moment of the day –– if it’s an awkward encounter or we’re just looking for something to do.

Now what you do is the question I was to propose to you.

How do you utilize this device of yours.. do you consume content that moves you forward.. or do you simply use it as an entertainment device all the time?

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure some of you don’t mind it but I’m speaking to those who are looking to…


An essential read for the busy lifestyles many of us have on this site.

1. The best journals are for the writer, not the reader.. to wage peace within oneself.

Journaling is often highlighted as quite a aesthetic thing but honestly.. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s not always so much for checking in on it later but to organize our thoughts within the current moment.

Spend some time just reflecting, don’t judge yourself and write.

2. We’re one big collective or organisms engaged in one endless project together, we are one.

Looking at life like we’re all separate and going about our own journey in my experience just makes it all so much worse. When we take a moment to realize we’re all going through similar challenges within life and all arriving at the same end goal. …

Meditation is about the moment, not the journey.

Honestly, the biggest realization came after the streak ended.

Now you’re probably wondering to yourself, “Micah, you’re the biggest advocate of meditation and what bad things do you have to say about this”.

Well, let me set up the frame for you.

It’s not that meditation is bad, it’s that before I knew it — I was more interested within increasing the streak after successfully making it past my 200 day goal.

There are big insights that come to me when I think of my journey.

  1. Chasing admiration.
  2. Did I ever land on the proper way to meditate?
  3. Lastly, the overall learning of the moments of meditation.

Chasing the admiration


Just like a video game, change your class based on your quest.

So, currently you struggle with a few areas in life.

If it’s social skills, business skills, or artistic skills — overall there’s just a lot in life that you wish to improve.

We all know that all we need to do is take a step in the right direction, but even after that there’ll still be some sort of doubt within our mind until a massive amount of social validation comes from peers.

Now depending on the area you wish to improve, think of someone who is a master in that domain.

Think of the characteristics that they live out, the outfits they put on, just traits they have.


After reading books time and time, and going through different experiences in my small life compared to others.. there’s some words I would love to share with you. Also quick note I wrote out an article when turning 22.

1. Meditation is a Super Power

As of the time writing this, I’ve meditated for 142 days in a row and I can levitate dramatically see a difference in how I interact with the world. Meditation is often overly complicated with the numerous amounts of apps, the amount of time many suggest you meditate for, or just what feeling one is looking for. Listen here, there’s no…

In my opinion this book is a great start for anyone looking for that life change.

You Can Start Building Your Brand Today.

You don’t need to own some company with one thousand employee’s, with today’s world the things you post and what you consume actually creates a personal brand for yourself.

So why wait, start today.. you might make some cool new friends.

Just Create Content.

Gary mentions this quite often, document over create. All of us tend to overthink everything, especially when it comes down to what we put out to the world. As a society, we tend to flow towards the rawness of someone just trying to make a name for themselves.

So just document the process.

Come From Good Intent.

Don’t just want to create a…

One of the most popular men within the self help industry, for many reasons.


Jordan Peterson currently is quite the popular man within the self help industry, breaking down various theories involving embracing our dark side as well as natural human traits we should be doing in order to improve our lifestyle.

Section 01 — Compare Yourself To Yesterday’s You

Within today’s day and age we often get lost in comparing our situations with those ruling the social media platforms. If we do that in our everyday routine, it’ll be a never-ending spiral of trying to be someone you aren’t.

The answer to that is, to simply compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

Create smart measurable goals, for example simply saying…

Judging by your answer that just went through your head can tell a lot about you as a person.

I’ll tell you this..

I’m 23, I have a cool job — a decent amount of friends.. and a little bit of an audience on social media.

A few years back, I thought EVERYTHING was a competition and compared myself to EVERYONE.

Now, some people call that operating from a state of lack.

I’m going to give you fair warning, I’m going to sound very heady right now.

Thinking everything is a competition brings NOTHING but negative energy towards you.. things will go very wrong and you WON’T be happy.

From my knowledge.. there’s so much room at the top.

How does one find a reason for living within the Holocaust?

Introduction Notes:

“If I had to die, at least let there be some sense in my death.”

How do you find meaning in your suffering?

What makes you continue living on a daily basis?

These are the questions that Frankl had to find the answer to being a prisoner during The Holocaust.

He shares his thoughts in his book Man’s Search For Meaning.

Solid read with a lot of key takeaways on how we can lead ourselves into a better life.

Introduction Notes:

For most of us when we hear of someone reading a leadership book we think of a CEO or someone with ownership towards something. Well, think of it like this.. who is the owner of your life? Who is the owner of your body? Who is the owner of your mind?

The answer I’d assume you’d pick would be YOU.

You have to lead over your life and I’ve realized picking up books like this can help you learn how to treat others and also how to lead yourself.

10 Impactful Takeaways

1. Law of the LID

Micah Carroll

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