eBTC: The Big Update!
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Hello Team EBTC…
A famous saying from a famous leader comes to my mind. “First, they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you. Later, they will fight you. Finally, they will join you”. This happened to Bitcoin. Once upon a time people laughed at bitcoin hodlers. But now Bitcoin hodlers are having the last laugh. Similarly EBTC hodlers will have the last laugh. 
A coin needs a community and mass following to survive, build trust and eventually win. EBTC has got you guys as a blessing in disguise. My best wishes to all of you. I will do my best to spread the word.
Well, here are my ideas
1-Lets create a youtube channel. Worked well for DASH. Now it is working well for SUBSTRATUM Network. A plus would be having a attractive at the same time knowledgeable host like Amanda Johnson. I hope someone in the community who is at least half as good as Amanda will be willing to do this for some EBTC token rewards. 
2-Lets make EBTC spendable. People still talk about the day when some random guy bought a pizza with 5000 odd bitcoins way back in 2009. When Ethereum and ERC20 tokens based payment platforms like “Omisego” hit the market, then we can start making videos of people purchasing things like coffee/pizza/doughnut with EBTC and we can post those videos on the social media. More the usage… More the hype… More the value…

How about TenX or Centra. I guess those cards accept all ERC20 tokens and hence EBTC too. Those cards are going to hit big in 2018 Q1 and Q2 and EBTC can ride along the wave. Big ambitious thought would be to make a video like “Living one day with just spending EBTC and without spending any FIAT” — Well we all agree we are far away from that point but definitely reachable goal.

Leo Gilbert

EBTC donations accepted here: 0x177487810E49Af6D16f16bB3eE3A3c6cfB26E3B2

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