Why Liverpool can’t win the league with their current defense?

With their recent trashing of the Gunners at Anfeild, Liverpool have once again proved that they have on the best attack in the division. Even without their little magician Philippe Coutinho, they looked lethal and they showed no mercy in humbling the Arsenal. Mane, Firmino and new boy Salah were lethal going forward and simply destroyed the Arsenal defence whenever they got the chance.

Can attack alone win you titles? The answer should be a big no. Not every day, the attackers need to be in rhythm. They could miss chances and they mail to get on the scoresheet. When they are having a bad day, it should be the defense department who should be pulling the strings. Do Liverpool have such a reliable defense? Everyone knows the answer.

Conceding 3 goals to Watford highlights the defending fragility of the reds. Looking at the reds’ back 4 and GK, there are many weak links that can be exploited. Many teams have exploited them and have emerged victorious.

Joel Matip.

He has been a good addition to the Reds squad. He was a great piece of business by FSG and Klopp. Signing such a quality defender for free is nothing less than a miracle in today’s inflated transfer market. He is best part of the Red’s defense and no doubt that he has been the savior for the Reds on many occasions.

No matter, who Reds bring in as a defensive re-enforcement, the place of Joel Matip in the Starting X1 will remain unaltered.

Dejan Lovren.

Signed from Southampton for 20 million. He is good defender, but not good enough for club of Liverpool’s stature. With Lovren in the line-up, the defense always looked shaky. He showed glimpses of improvements in last season, but there is a long way to go.

We are not forgetting his glimpses of brilliance. No Liverpool fan can forget the header he scored in the 91st minute against Borussia Dortmond in the UEL Quarter Finals.

For Liverpool to push for the title, they certainly need an upgrade over Dejan Lovren. May be Virgil van Dijk. Liverpool cannot afford to give away loose chances and they do need a commanding figure in the back line to hold the knits of the defense together and Lovren certainly is not capable of it.

Nataniel Clyne.

Another signing from Southampton. He can’t be regarded as a shaky defender. He is a quality right back. He is good in defending, but not so good in attacking. It is ok. Everybody can’t be a Daniel Alves.

Like Matip, Clyne is not a weak link in the defense. Replacing him should not be a concern for the reds. Clyne is good at going forward, but must work on his crossing and chance creations. You can’t complain about his defensive abilities. He does his duty as a RB more often than not.

Alberto Moreno

He can be considered the reverse case of Clyne. Good at attacking. Horrible in defending. He is good when it comes to making fast runs and creating chances. When it comes to defending, OH boy, he can be terrible at times.

He is more of a winger than a full back. He doesn’t satisfy all the qualities that a LB of a club like Liverpool need. He definitely needs an upgrade.

His mistakes have proven costly in the past. It was his mistake in the UEL final, that made the fans turn against him. The reds can’t afford mistakes like that if they are to push for the title. Moreno is vulnerable for such kind of mistakes.

Need for Upgrade: CRITICAL.

Simon Mignolet

It has been there for years and it’s not a new topic when it comes to who is standing in front of the goal. Liverpool have been lacking a quality Goal Keeper for a long time now. Simon Mignolet is not a Goal Keeper for team which has title dreams.

His mistakes have proven costly and many a times Liverpool have dropped points because of the mistakes from Mignolet. He lacks commanding and doesn’t hold the defense together. He has saved a lot of penalties, but when it comes to defending set pieces, he is the weak link that the opponents exploit in many cases.

Need for Upgrade: CRITICAL.

Lorius Karius

Signed as a backup for Simon Mignolet, fans were optimisitic about the German signing. After some horror performances he has given back the number one spot to Mignolet. Even though time is on his side, he is not the Goal Keeper that Liverpool needed. Even in the thrashing of Arsenal in gameweek 3, there were some oops moments from the German Goalkeeper. He doesn’t look like an upgrade over Simon Mignolet. If Liverpool are to challenge for the title, they surely need someone better than Lorius Karius.

Need for Upgrade: CRITICAL.


We have not included the likes of Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander Arnold as they have only just begun and they are not to be judged as of now.

Sakho is clearly out of picture and Klaven is just a backup defender.