10th Day of Blog Challenge: Key Take Away Lessons & Freedom Plan

So I took the 10 Day BLOG challenge! I never thought I will be taking a challenge of this nature and live to tell the tale! Just kidding….

There were some challenges along the way of taking the 10 Day Blog Challenge…..and I am still catching up writing this final post at 4.30am as I pedal up FASTER towards the final ascend to finish on a HIGH…….

How did I feel?

Was I so SCARED?

HELL NO……..I thrive on new challenges and welcome to it with both hands and embrace it!

Was I worried that I am not going to finish, paralyse by fear or doubt or procrastinate?

No chance! I turned up, I took charge and I persevere…I got SHIT DONE!

What I most enjoyed most about my experience of taking part in the blog challenge?

The way it got under my skin- the 10 day blog challenge I meant! It somehow lit up a fire under it to get me moving as a catalyst, by pushing me outside of my comfort zone to start sharing my life by writing, be open about my inner feelings, insecurities, thoughts and vulnerabilities. There were tough times, against all odds, daily grind, conflicting priorities and whether I would make it or not! But I am here right now(5am!) still pushing hard, not giving up as I caught up 3 posts over a day on Saturday as I was still up writing and time was still only 2.30am!

I enjoyed the whole step by step blog taking it right from the heart of what’s most people struggle from in making their freedom life a reality! It made it as your own journal to success mapping it out all for you- you just need to keep taking action to make it a reality. It made me visualise towards my goals, make plans, face my biggest demons, made me dream, challenge me to get my focus back and most of all it introduced me to a new habit and discipline!

My favorite challenge day and why

My one and only choice has to be [Day 3] Creating A Vision For The Future- THE PERFECT DAY EXERCISE! I always struggled to visualise my end goals or success. I think it’s partly because of my own ego and thought that I don’t need it and I can achieve greatness and great transformation without writing down or to think what my future will look like.

I didn’t know where I wanted to live, where did I want to travel, the type of lifestyle I want to lead or what kind of people I want to be around or to have in my inner circle. It was all a dream until I started thinking about my perfect day! I never got to finish the Perfect Day exercise during my Freedom Plan last year and somehow I procrastinated a lot — I think I know why! It may have been fear of success and just in case, somehow it may come true!

It allowed me to face my own demon, gremlin, The “Darth Vader” of fears and doubts and let it flow naturally! I didn’t struggle this time around as if I’ve been thinking about it all this time as ideas and visualisations came easier and it just kept on coming.

I needed this to start to be very clear about my future and what it will look like to keep me going when life is tough or face with another challenge! This is my motivation, inspiration to keep me going and don’t let me distract from my freedom path- even after a year I am still battling and I will make it a reality in 2017!

The biggest takeaway I have had from it

Just plunge deep in, take action, get your hands dirty and take a chance! Sometimes in life you have to face your demons head on to get ahead. I learned throughout the 10 day challenge it can be done and will be done.

It lead the path for me to launch my new business idea as I set date for the first launch on 17th of October out in the world. I was making a plan and taking actions towards it before the challenge, but it gave me the extra urgency, extra motivation to stay on the course to map it all out. It changed the way I think about life, and freedom lifestyle of that. It also gave me the seal of approval that I am on the right path towards making my earning online and launch a location independent business. I’ve been struggling to put my ideas in writing for some time, it blasted my procrastination within a day of starting this challenge, because I approached it with a ‘can do-finish-goal’ attitude from day!

The next step I am going to take to make my freedom plan a reality

As in Day 7 when we wrote about how to beat procrastination and overwhelm, I will be putting a new habit in motion- writing, blogging and content creation for my next 30 day ‘imperfect action’ challenge- yep! Another challenge accepted here and now. This was my biggest block I’ve experienced in recent months as I need to create my first free challenge for my own online course for my new tribe. The free one week course then will lead into a paid course as my next phase. This is for multi-passionates/multipotentialites to take on a new challenge in test driving one of their long lasting interests and to see if they can launch it — whether it is a hobby, social project, charitable idea, entertainment, career, or starting a new business.

The main action waiting for me on the horizon, is to build on inner circle of mentors and influencers to start living the life I want- I am talking to couple of people already and plan to catch up with them over Skype in next couple of weeks. I need this in order to launch my new business and as sounding board and also with experience, I need all the ideas or help I can share with them and implement. To have that type of accountability to have someone to answer to only will propel my own success.

Timeline to launch in 30 days- key tasks and actions:

  1. Work on free 7 day #dipmytoe challenge online course to be launched on Teachable platform plus a draft idea on paid course (complete first draft: 9th of October)
  2. Finalise the whiteboard animation introductory video (by 28th September)
  3. Work on getting the first website out to launch and set up blog posts (complete by: 2nd of October)
  4. Build on FB likes and start to work with potential partners and affiliates when we launch (complete by: 8th of October)
  5. Integrate ‘Asana’ into breaking down into manageable chunks and manage the final phase of getting things organised (by ongoing from: from now until 15th October)

There you have it! That’s my take on the 10 day challenge and what’s to come in the future!

I am so proud of myself as I don’t appreciate the work and time I put into this or anything I do as I tend to shy away from taking credit where credit’s due!

It starts here and now! Next 30 day challenge — bring it on!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10