“Time, desire and intent. That’s about all it really cost.”
Ryan Giordano

Absolutely I’ll be sharing much more. Thank you for your response! I can give a few quick points I’ve really learned last year and thus far in my life for a little more value that you wanted from the piece.

  1. I have been conditioned to work hard when I have a physical location to show up to. What I mean by this is from years of working in restaurants I’ve been able to develop a way to fully engage or “turn on” when I show up. For my creative projects I aimed to complete many from home. I didn’t execute very well. I never worked the way I’m capable of and it took some exploration to find out why. To remedy this I’m planning on creating at a coworking studio this year. When I walk in the door I can again fully engage. Or that’s the plan.
  2. I’m rushing things. I have lofty goals and ambitions but perhaps some adjustments need to be made in my timeline for achieving them. Play the long game. Decades. Not rushing my process of learning and improving by wanting everything NOW. I aim to shift my mindset to a more faithful OS. It will happen at the right time and I ways that may seem too mysterious to understand without looking back upon from the distance of a future observer.

Ultimately I said it cost me nothing to become more self aware to hopefully spur the reader to act towards deepening their own without a barrier to action. Full disclosure it costs heartache, headache and willing to become very uncomfortable at points. All these are temporary. If I were to say the same “blood sweat and tears” rhetoric you often find I think a reader may doubt whether to pursue more self awareness. I’m glad the piece had you wanting more, because that call is to deepen your own self exploration. Self awareness to me can’t occur without general awareness and mindfulness. I applaud you and any other readers willing to invest the time, desire, and intent to become their best and understand their unique paths and personalities.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has helped give some depth and add some value.

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