Courage, Competence, and Confidence: How Conor McGregor Does What He Does.

The Notorious Pinstripe Suit: Image Credit:,q_auto/v1/gvb6wfua3evqjhvkjmbh/conor-mcgregor
“When I step in there, I am going to shock the whole god damn world, trust me on that!” -Conor McGregor

In a few days, history will be made. A young Irishman will dethrone one of boxing’s all time greats. How? How can I write that sentence with absolute certainty? How can I know?

I know because he knows.

Before we discuss how he does what he does, repeatedly defying odds, setting precedents and creating his experiences in advance; I’ll illustrate how I became a fan, supporter and why I look to him as a mentor.

Conor McGregor has been an inspiration of mine for a few short years now but, I’ve seen the magic. Believe the hype. It is real.

I remember the first time I heard about him. A close friend was asking if I wanted to go watch the UFC fights — back in summer 2015. He told me a crazy, intense Irish guy was making waves and I should watch.

I passed.

That was the Chad Mendes fight, and he put on a performance that I’d later watch and be greatly impressed by.

Months go by, and I’m at work in December. A buddy of mine tells me about how he was so excited to see the Pay-Per-View UFC fight from the previous night but was disappointed because he paid for it and the main event ended very quickly. I asked what happened and he told me “man Aldo got KO’d in 13 seconds.”

I thought “wow..” Not a lot of fights end that fast. I went home and watched it. Extremely impressed with the patience and precision. I then saw several other videos on YouTube.

That’s where everything changed.

I saw Conor’s story. His rise to that incredible knockout and all the hard work, and mental capital he invested in his vision. I became inspired.

I’m already a pretty inspired individual, but the level to which this man’s journey took me was on the next level.

In the following few weeks after the Aldo fight, I became a die hard supporter. I watched all his fights. Soaked up all the quotable moments in press conferences and all the behind the scenes insights into visualization and self-belief.

I watched almost all the previous content that was available.

Then 2016 came. A big year for Mr. McGregor. Throughout 2016 I followed the moves of the Notorious one closely. I saw it all, and at each turn, my respect and admiration grew.

Now just days away from his first fight in 2017, I sit here supremely confident he will deliver.

I have grown to understand and appreciate how and why he does what he does.

This is what I have learned, and what anybody — especially the haters can learn from Conor to actually do something meaningful in life.


He demonstrates tremendous courage.

Day in day out he will rise up to challenges, stake his claims on his own destiny, and aggressively pursue his dreams and vision. He even has the courage to state his next moves to the world, in advance — and the ability to manifest them.

To the average person, this seems arrogant, cocky and like he needs his ego checked. These same average people live life scared to even declare or pursue their hopes and dreams in their own company — let alone publicly.

It takes no courage to criticize, or ostracize a public figure on the internet or to one’s peers. The clusters of critics that doubt, and defame Mystic Mac all wish they had the real courage he has. Living in the shadows and hurling stones at someone’s success only requires cowardice, not courage.

It does take courage to do better. Conor always aims for better. Better than his last performance, and better than anyone believes is possible.


Student of the game. He is continually seeking ways to improve all aspects of his skill sets. Conor McGregor is a great example of the Growth Mindset. He and his team regularly thrash the notion that he is talented.

“There’s no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all equal as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that is that. I am not talented, I am obsessed.” -Conor McGregor

He knows what he’s doing from hours and hours of training, practice, and study. This goes beyond the mechanics of a martial arts technique, and into the mastery of his own psychology. Determining how to impose self-discipline. Understanding the power of visualization. Utilizing brain power in equal measure to bravado and brute force.

Being competent and courageous can carry someone very far. Add in a world class work ethic and you might have a champion like Conor McGregor. When you truly know you don’t doubt. Conor demonstrates this throughout his career.


Competence breeds confidence. I would state for anyone to argue that Conor is an example of one of the most confident people alive. So many people rush to call him cocky. Being confident and being cocky are not the same things. Cockiness masquerades as confidence. An imposter.

Cockiness is exposed when the pressure is on. Cockiness is a blend of arrogance and vanity. Conor is not primarily cocky. He is supremely, and unwaveringly confident.

His self-assurance is a blend of relentless courage and hard earned competence in his craft. For McGregor, he is in a profession where you can quickly ascertain who can back up their words, and who can’t. It is not like someone with a sense of superiority acting pompously in a normal work environment. Conor walks into a cage and fights. The confidence is warranted. The confidence is a weapon.

Just being the more confident fighter is a slight advantage. But, if your confidence is so powerful it can shake your opponents confidence than you have done significant battle before any blows are traded.

No matter where we are in life or what we currently do, we can decide we want to do, or become and make it happen. No technique, tactic or tool will do the work for us. Strategy, hunger, and plenty of hard work are the price for us to pay. But, the dividends are real. Just look at Conor if you need an example. That's what I do. That’s why I believe now more than ever.

Those who know, know.

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