Writing Wednesday 001 — Last Minute!

Finally Working on Writing Wednesday

I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time now. Finally here typing. Literally last minute, but that’s how I roll. Maybe I’d be likely to change this behavior or at least, attempt to if the last minute didn’t always work out in such an excellent way. Once I’m almost “out of time” I seem to get the right things lined up and squeak by on the razor’s edge of failure into the waiting arms of a positive outcome. Sure this method has produced a bunch of failures, but what it’s also produced is some amazing moments where I’m astonished and smirking with the divine. We made it, I say to the Universe.

Today is the first day of what I want to make a tradition. I want to be a writer, but committing myself to doing it has been a challenge. I believe in myself more now and am becoming more comfortable saying that I am a writer. It can be challenging to give that answer when someone asks “what do you do” but now I try to. More for me than anything. Making sure I’ve got the permission to manifest this, I can’t be scared to claim it now. I really think that I can and will write good things. Things to help people, make them laugh, and question things. I love it really. The process is hypnotic once I’m in it. Still though: I am not writing enough from a practical standpoint. I need to live and breathe this. I should never be bored (I’m not usually, but do frivolously get distracted) because I can always write. Through newer technology, and the ability to dictate, record, and transcribe. There is no reason that I can’t post at least once a week while working on my first book. That’s what I’m late for. Today. Writing Wednesday. I plan on joining author Steven Pressfield specifically, and anybody else that may choose that day and alliteration to get creative. I love Steven’s books Turning Pro, and the War of Art. I strive to conquer resistance in my life and refer back to his books often for inoculations of wisdom and insight into the process and its obstacles. I sat down to do this at 11:30pm on a Wednesday. This is my first attempt at getting my ass in gear for something I’ve wanted to do since hearing Mr. Pressfield talk about his practice of a Writing Wednesday. So whether it’s here on Medium or my blog I’ll be writing/publishing something ever Wednesday at a minimum. I need to keep myself honest, impose deadlines and behave as a real writer would. I truly believe that written expression is something that I will fall further and further in love with as I age, so what you’re reading now will certainly not be my best work. But, it is truthful and real. It is my higher-self speaking through me and to me. So often I read what I’ve written and it seems foreign. Like I’m the one who needs to read it. I just hope that someone else out there can get something out of it too.

I don’t think I’m that good, or the best at this trust me. I understand and appreciate the skill and hours of practice it takes to be good at something. Up until now, working in a restaurant and talking to people have been my most highly developed skills. No master chef, but I’ve come a long way and in the process learned a lot about learning. So I will learn the craft of writing, and learn to discipline myself to actually do it. I must. There’s too much I need to say, and too many people out there that I see needing help. Plus, I need help to become my best. I realized and even tweeted today that to complete this first of many books I have envisioned, I need to become a better, smarter, stronger version of myself. If I had the wherewithal right now to be a published author, I would be. I must develop it, and evolve into the type of man who uses any activity as a form of discipline. My athletic training, my studies, and my creative pursuits all need discipline. But, that awareness helps me get started. I like to know what I need to do or where I need to go to do it to get there effectively. (Wow 731 words in 12 min! [11:42] not bad!) Maybe it’s dribble, but hell with it I’ll keep on. I just need to keep typing, writing, dictating, editing and visualizing the outcome I desire and I will have a book on the market. It’s also clear to me that I need the help of others. Those more experienced, and those that have slain these dragons before. I can’t do it all alone, at some point I’ll need a team and mentors.

I’ll say it today with just the chapter headings and outline complete, that I think my first book can be done well. I need to do it well, and dedicate myself to it. Really dig in and get it. It’s non-fiction so pretty straight forward, no story arch or dialogue. Fiction is the true skill. Plenty of people have written or had ghost-written books publish that are on the market as we speak. Doing the work is the only thing standing between us. They’ve done it, or paid someone else to, and I haven’t (and won’t with the latter). I said I wanted to be a writer when I was 18, I’m 27 now. At that time, as a lot of youngsters are prone to I got lost. I didn’t know how to fulfill the goal, or what I would say. I think I subconsciously decided right then that I would just make my life a good enough story to tell if all else fails. That writing would always be there as my fallback. That I would live fully and intensely, and hopefully, pick up enough stories to tell. That has certainly been the case, but I’ve also seen injustice and issues that I believe need to be changed for us as a society. So I want to write books to help people and essays to challenge them to change for the better.

Join me for Writing Wednesdays.

  • Brendan

[Note: Image wouldn’t upload quite fast enough so it was midnight when I got this out officially — Next week will have more forethought and planning.]