Writing Wednesday 012: It’s All Coming Together

Getting to the finish requires patience.

Patience is a virtue, and in pursuing dreams it’s vital. I’ll confess not a virtue that I’ve always held at the forefront on my life’s journey. I’m working on reshaping this and molding patience into my mind. When I consider all my dreams and goals I’ve definitely been impatient at times and really with no reason to be. Looking at the big picture I’m moving towards them and accomplishing things along the way. It won’t happen overnight and wishing for some rapid ascension misses out on the true value: the process. Living each day fully and strategizing these days together towards an aim (or in my case several aims). The process of working with quality and presence. I’ve identified impulsiveness as a weakness of mine and it’s often spurred on by impatience.

As I wrote last week being consistent is an area of focus, and I think it’s helping me to become more patient. I feel that executing daily with consistency has a comforting effect, and helps me have faith that I’m growing and progressing towards my ambitions. Faith and patience are definitely linked, and for me, I stand before you with faith that I will become what I dream of. I believe it, so why rush it and behave impatiently? Haste makes waste — -as the old adage says. What a waste to be upset or unfulfilled as I undergo the process of evolving and achieving. I need to soak it all in and look around at what I’ve been able to manifest so far, and what I can see starting to manifest.

It hit me today in my car after a great morning meeting. I reflected that it is all coming together for me and I need to be aware of that and supremely grateful. I have come a long way, and will continue working hard to reach what I’m after. Grounding into the present moment I have so much to be thankful for and must constantly practice this awareness. My life has been incredible up until this point, and all the time I get to live going forward I will make the most of. Being impatient is a total disconnection from gratitude, and harmony. If something hasn’t happened for me yet I either haven’t put in the work to make it happen, or the timing isn’t right. Neither of which are aided by an impatient, hasty attitude. The attitude of being impatient can also at times be of service I should add.

When impatience drives you to action on a long procrastinated task, that can be a great thing. When too much patience has created an indecisive quandary, impatience at the indecisiveness can be valuable. Patience doesn’t mean freezing in place and stagnating. Patience is knowing that step by step you’re chipping away at something larger and that it will ultimately work out when the timing is right. Don’t let patience become an excuse for not acting. Be aware of the razor edge of patience/procrastination. Not every condition must be right in order to act, in fact being patient involves a willingness to endure the imperfect in order to progress. Knowing that persevering without acting or behaving rushed is better than wanting everything to be perfect NOW. Although there is a small amount of value to the occasional impatient moment, the disparity is major. Ask am I being impatient or rushing this? Or am I using patience as an excuse to remain unchanged? Am I wanting something so badly that I’m forcing it, and the timings not right?

I’ve certainly been culpable in the last question. Behaving aggressively and trying to exert sheer intensity to reach my end hasn’t usually worked. Especially when the universe hasn’t been aligned to allow the actualization. Trying to get into a serious relationship when the other person is still hurt or simply not ready is a good example from my own life. I’d say in terms of intimate relationships patience is actually my greatest weakness. Becoming aware of that will help me in the future, but my past mistakes aren’t going anywhere. They remind me to slow down and breathe. Not everything can be done right now, and as I’ve learned in years of cooking, good things take time.

Time is a perpetual adversary and ally in life. It’s really the only thing we’ve got — -and one day we’re out. It’s over. Life as we know it ceases. Finding the equilibrium between being too patient and cautious, where dreams go unfulfilled; and being too aggressive or unwilling to accept that a dream isn’t happening as quickly as we’d like. Again, as with all self-work, this isn’t easy and takes great focus and mindfulness.

The mind and body want things, but the intellect and the character dictate the level of patience in pursuing them. Whenever I’ve submitted to an impatient impulse the outcome has almost always been unfavorable. Since I lean more towards the impatient side patience is most important for me to practice. If you are too cautious and waiting for just the right moment to act, it will never come so a little impatience at waiting can serve you.

Even as I’m writing this I’m being a little impatient — -looking at the word count and wanting to end this piece early. What else do I have to say about my topic? Just the fact that now is as good a time as ever to keep working on this weakness and abide by my own words. I must be patient now and continue to write until I’ve reached my target. That means I must work without rushing, or looking for a shortcut. That means that I pledge to attain my goal and give all the necessary time required. It also means that I’m practicing a key to my future success. Not just the patience, but the writing and the desire to remain consistent are all intertwined ingredients in my recipe for success. I can’t just write a piece a week and not epitomize the growth I’m discussing. It’s all coming together for me but I must continue to practice what I preach.