Writing Wednesday 037: Alignment

Getting our bodies and lives aligned is an ambition worth investing in.

When things line up right it feels good. Alignment in our lives is important, both within our physical bodies and our life’s work.

If our bodies are not aligned healthily we are far from maximally effective. If our life’s work is not aligned with our spirit and soul, we are far from happy or fulfilled. Progressing to an aligned state is not instantaneous. We cannot go from a complete misalignment straight to perfect position in our bodies or lives. Shifting towards a posture and direction that is most beneficial takes time and intent. Most of all it takes awareness.

Without knowing where we stand, literally with our bodies, and figuratively with our paths in life, we will find tremendous difficulty in charting the course towards where we want to be. It is hard and painful to our egos to admit that we are not in as good of shape as we think we are, or that our life is not progressing. Countless people will never find the awareness that they are out of line with how they want their bodies and lives to be, because they will avoid even asking themselves.

Is my body performing the way it is capable? Am I in pain throughout the day, and if so, why? Do I wake up happy and grateful to enjoy this day? Do I hate my job or daily routine? Am I where I want to be in life?

Tough questions such as these take courage to face. If the answers are not favorable we are not alone — in fact, the majority of us cannot face these questions and walk away without recognizing areas we need to work on. That’s the point. Getting back on track. Rising up and walking with our heads held high and our chests proud. Finding out where we are not thrilled, or where we are in pain, and working to alleviate or correct the circumstances that are at the root of the discomfort.

The causes of pain in our lives are so often self-inflicted. Poor habits over time create downward trajectories. We behave the same ways and expect circumstances or situations to change, without a willingness to change ourselves.

If we are to align our bodies and lives with health and joy, then we have to own and accept responsibility for the way things currently are. We have to rise and admit that fixing ourselves in whichever area we need work will be an undertaking of the most worthy nature. Our bodies need care, maintenance, and appreciation. They need reverence — respect of the utmost order. The same is true for our dreams, life’s work and daily undertakings. Without honoring what we want to do in life, or putting effort into finding out what it is that we want to do or become, we live a hollow existence that will seldom satisfy. We want to do something we enjoy, but spend our time trapped in a role that consumes all our time to do what we love.

Beyond discussing how we can find ourselves out of line physically, and in our work, I want to introduce a few simple strategies for greater alignment. No matter where we are or who we are, we can work towards bettering our physical form, and life conditions. Nobody is a finished product or done their journey.

The first way we can gain greater order in our bodies and lives is to commit to the journey. Start. Begin. Make a conscious decision to change, and evolve. Without a shift in thinking and behavior, we will not miraculously arrive in a healthy body with a happy life. The first steps are to commit and decide. Decide to learn about how to move the body, and how to hold the body in stable positions that are not doing damage. Decide to invest in yourself and the things you really love to do, not just exist in a dreary day to day blur of mediocrity. Decide to change and that is the first step to greater alignment.

The second way we can advance our structure and position is to find people to help us. Surrounding ourselves with positive influences who are knowledgeable about creating the results we want. It could be a personal trainer, coach, mentor or even historical figure. Anybody who has done work in the area of our focus. If we want to live a pain-free life in a healthy body, we should seek out the best physical therapists, personal trainers, yoga teachers and nutritionists we can find. With the advances of technology, we do not even have to find them locally, we can communicate with positive teachers globally. For our lives, we can find people who are in the field we want to transfer to, or that are living lives that we would like to emulate and build a relationship. When asking for help aligning ourselves in our physical structure, or life path, we are asking. Not demanding. Not expecting them to do the work for us. We have chosen to commit to the journey. We must walk onwards under our own power. We cannot be carried by others the whole way. Help is intended to get us progressing so that ultimately we can reach back and help someone else.

The third way we can reach greater alignment is to ask ourselves questions often. Questions cause psychological shifts and are the basis of thought. Asking ourselves how does my body feel right now? And following up with: why? And, what can I do to improve the way I feel? That 3 part series of questions asked often can raise our awareness, and ultimately our standards of how we want to feel in our bodies. Questions we can ask about our lives are just as important. Am I doing what I love? What can I find to love about what I am doing right now? What would I rather do? What would I do if I knew I could not fail? This line of questioning is intended to shift our perspective from being absorbed with what we do not want, and towards what we do want. Without understanding our own desires we will default into what everybody else is doing — which generally is not exactly best for us.

Life is short. Too short to be out of alignment. Working daily towards bettering ourselves and our life conditions is one of the most fulfilling paths in life. Beyond our own betterment, we can achieve even higher levels of satisfaction by guiding others down this path too. But, we cannot lead someone through a journey that we ourselves are not already on. As we improve, we can help others to do so. As we align, we can assist others in straightening their lives out too.

If we all get better together and strive for health and happiness, then we are making the world a better place.