Multilingual Ecommerce Script

Multivendor e-commerce store is a flexible solution for reaching out to customers and keeping them glued to your business. Multi-vendors facility will enable the users to get any product of their choice belonging to any vendor and it will serve as all-in-one platform. The vendors can post and sell their products along with images and description and in turn draw commission as per the percentage defined by the site admin depending on the product category and business concept. Multilingual Ecommerce Script offers the opportunity to reach out to an exponentially larger audience by accommodating multi-languages and transforming the site as per the language selected. Also, it supports multi-currency and has an automatic currency converter that can display the local currency for each country which gives you the feeling that you understand and do business “in” their country, improving the percentages of deals that close.

Our Multicity Ecommerce Software supports countless categories and sub-categories to give you the all-in- one platform for your ecommerce business. Users can easily navigate through the site, shop for whatever they wish, add products to the cart or to the wish-list. Our Multi Vendor PHP Open Source Script helps the users to search their desired products using the search tab using the product name, category and keyword, review the products, view the latest deals, best sellers, brands available, etc. They can change their billing and shipping addresses and subscribe to the newsletters. Users can also directly import their profiles and share using the social media sites and pay by using any of the integrated multiple payment gateways.

Multi-vendors can add unlimited products with the help of admin. They can add products belonging to countless categories and sub-categories along with media. They can manage their orders and will get a report which will contain details of the total number of products sold– day wise, week wise and month wise.

The admin can easily manage the entire site as all the controls are bestowed on the admin right from- product management which consists of total number of products added and sold as well as the category they belong to , vendor management which consists of vendor request approvals and setting their commission percentage, user management which consists of total number of users that registered and purchased from the site, listing fees- the admin will define the listing fees for each product and vendor, banner ads management which consists of approval of the banner ads, newsletters which consists of sending newsletters to users about the latest updates and discounts on the site, blogs which consists of approval of posts, testimonials- all the testimonial are posted on admin approval, discount management which consist of defining the discount percentage for particular products belonging to specific category, reviews which consists of approval of reviews etc. We have designed easy-to-use software with an attractive design.

Our script is the best script to grow your business and reap profits as revenue will come from multivendor product listing and banner ads. OurMulti Vendor PHP Open Source Script allows you to easily input meta tags and meta description so that you don’t end up spending your fortune on SEO team. It will be hacker free as it is developed using secure code. Another advantage is the easy customization. We have used open source code so the software can easily be customized as per your niche requirement. Also, if you lack the knowledge or resource for customization, we have our in-house development experts who will customize for you at a reasonable rate.

Having been in the industry for 14 years , we understand that customer support is the key for more business . Hence , we provide 10 years technical support, 5 years support for update and brand free product.

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