MulTra invited by the French President François Hollande to the Elysée Palace Paris

Onik Mia (CEO, MulTra GmbH)

MulTra GmbH followed the invitation of the French president François Hollande to the Élysée Palace in Paris and participated at the digital conference with German minister of economic affairs Sigmar Gabriel, the French minister of economic affairs Emmanuel Macron, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker as well as German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany) and François Hollande (President of France)

On October 20, 2015, the management board of the MulTra GmbH received the invitation of the French president with the words: “The president of the French Republic, Monsieur François Hollande, is honored to invite you to the German-French conference for digital economy in the Palais de l’Elysée on Tuesday, 27th of October 2015.”

That day German-French top representatives from politics and economy came together with innovative companies to develop a German-French strategy for the digital transformation of Europe. CEO Onik Mia and COO Veronika Tinnis represented MulTra GmbH on-site.

Chancellor Merkel and president Hollande want to accelerate the digital change in Europe by forming a French-German alliance to continuously stay competitive on the world market. Their action plan is based on five pillars for the joint digital European Single Market regarding the topics: education and support of digital competences, development of a European Ecosystem for digital startups, financing of digital innovations, establishment of a European digital market and digital transformation of economy.

Juncker (EU Commission President), Merkel (Chanellor of Germany), Hollande (President of France)

Hollande, Merkel, Macron, Gabriel and EU Commission President Juncker were on the same page about the high relevance of educational measures and further training initiatives for the digital transformation of Europe. The pillar “Education and promotion of digital competences” specifically contains the following guiding principles:

  • Europe needs digital competences for all citizens as a foundation for the society and economy of tomorrow.
  • Basic education regarding the use of digital technologies and related entrepreneurship.
  • Digital skills development in the education and further training on all levels as social priority.
  • Open networks and promotion of extensive transdisciplinary research programs for digitization.
Onik Mia (CEO, MulTra GmbH)

The conference made it very clear that the developments of MulTra GmbH increasingly gain in importance and can serve the European goals. It seems especially necessary that the methodology developed by MulTra, is used on European level. It enables the seamless multi-way communication between science, research, teaching, industry, economy, the state and the citizens and guarantees transparency.

Knowledge transfer solutions, which enable a merger of expert knowledge from different specialties and thereby allow the barrier-free and seamless communication between the different topics, accelerate the digital change and are indispensable to bring about an appropriate transfer of skills in relation to the growing requirements of a digital society.

For that reason, MulTra GmbH has started conversations with representatives of the large-scale industry at the digital conference in the Élysée palace. Through collaboration, they want to valuably contribute to the fulfillment of the requirements to the demographic change in connection with the growing digitization of the society and thereby participate in the creation of a value network that brings to bear the digital goals of Europe through the consistent usage of digital skills transfer solution efficiently and effectively.

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