at the European Parliament

Onik Mia joined leaders at the EU Parliament to catalyze blockchain adoption.

European Commission, Pēteris Zilgalvis | EEA AMWG Vice-Chair & MulTra GmbH CEO, Onik Mia

For the last 18 month worked on the mission to catalyze the mass adaption of blockchain. MulTra CEO and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance AMWG Vice-Chair Onik Mia joined leaders with the same mission in the European Parliament to discuss blockchain adoption in the EU.

Blockchain provides answers to many present-day issues and we see that an increasing number of industry players have started using distributed ledger technology during the last two years. The advantages of blockchain technology are numerous: it is more efficient, reduces costs and provides a greater level of trust regarding the information it holds. However, until it reaches critical mass, its adoption presents a series of challenges which were discussed at the blockchain adoption roundtable in the European Parliament.

Onik Mia (CEO MulTra) | Dr. Julian Hosp (Co-Founder TenX)

Education and knowledge transfer are the key elements to enable policymakers to create appropriate regulatory frameworks for ICOs and DLTs. Dr. Julian Hosp makes the world cryptofit at the European Parliament! Check out:

Many thanks to MEP Eva A. Kaili who convinced EU representatives on crypto by passing the blockchain resolution. As we saw in the European Parliament, the next EU steps regarding the future of blockchain are in good hands.

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