Earn money for reading news? You bet!

The MulTra ecosystem is finally putting the online news industry on solid footing. It allows readers to earn MulTra Token automatically, just by reading what they like. Let us explain why it is advantageous for users:

Reading online news content is an expression of a natural human need. It is also a very individual matter, for our personal interests are as diverse as our DNA. They also tend to change continuously.

While we enjoy jumping back and forth from one topic of interest to the next, this is a serious challenge for the producers of news content. To meet demand better than ever before, publishers need to know on an ongoing basis which reports meet with how much interest.

They are not interested in who reads what, but they are dependent on finding out very quickly what supply encounters how much demand. Continuously adjusted aggregated data is the navigation system for the production of news content, strictly in line with demand. This is the same logic as with any consumer good. Accurate information is a raw material, and there can be no doubt that it’s worth its weight in money for publishers and journalists.

Given the above, the MulTra ecosystem is a one stop news channel for speedy access to all kinds of news content, open for all publishers, accessible by a single app or a browser processed by the Ethereum blockchain and fun to use, it generates the data that is particularly valuable for fine-tuning the business operations of publishers.

The MulTra ecosystem is the flawless and only technical response to the publishers’ challenge. It generates the valuable data in real time. It is only fair that the MulTra ecosystem rewards consumers of free online news content for the information which they generate. By reading what is relevant to them, they get rewarded with free MTT. These tokens can be utilized for cheaper or even free access to high value and chargeable news content of their choice as well as a number of other services through MulTra’s partner network.

The essence of the MulTra system is the open acknowledgement of the value of information which readers of online news content generate and the fair reward of readers.

Structurally this is simple. It is also very honest.

The MulTra ICO is a game changer. It deserves broad support.

Download our Whitepaper: https://www.multra.io/files/whitepaper.pdf

Article by Dr. Martin Bartels