MulTra Token busts through the flawed paywall model

The MulTra ecosystem is finally putting the online news industry on solid footing. It allows readers to earn MulTra Tokens automatically, just by reading what they like.

Let us explain why it removes paywalls which tend to irritate us:

You know the frustration: You discover an article on the net the title of which sounds really appealing. The first lines arouse your interest even more. Then you discover that you need to pay a small amount to get access to the whole document. You weigh whether you should open the door to a little debit of your credit card or not. In most cases your adrenaline level rises a bit, because you experience this paywall as a nuisance. Either you turn away or your hunting instinct tells you to ask your favorite search engine for help. With a little bit of luck, you will find something similar on the web which is not ringfenced by a paywall.

The amounts to be paid for getting the interesting article on the screen are not the reason for our irritation. We just dislike being lured into what we perceive as a trap. We also resent the cumbersome entry of credit card details for a trivial matter.

Paywalls are not erected with the intention to annoy anyone. They are the publishers’ desperate attempt to reduce the cost pool created by building and maintaining news websites which are mostly available for free. Under the present circumstances they must be free, because the inevitable transition from the good old printed press to the online news business has not resulted in a sustainable business model for publishers and journalists. Publishers fly their flags by running their free news websites. However flying flags has never ever been a business and it won’t be one.

The use of MulTra tokens (MTT) on the other hand, is both fun and good business. Users just generate data by reading, get rewarded with tokens, use the tokens for an upgrade of the content to which they have access. Paywalls will fall into oblivion. We won’t even notice their disappearance. There is no cause for mourning.

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