MulTra Token ITO: A Decentralized Content Economy Enables Monetization for Publishers

What is MulTra?

What is “MulTra” about? Essentially MulTra solves a serious problem: MulTra is the backbone of a new business model for the online news market. In sharp contrast to the well-functioning online streaming services for music and movies, the news market is ailing. The inevitable move of the news industry to the web has blurred the distinction between professional journalism and poorly researched news. Publishers don’t generate enough income and even the best journalists are starved out.

The MulTra system rewards consumers of free online news content simply for consuming it. This is because they continuously generate anonymous valuable data which publishers need for improving their supply. Readers are credited tokens (MulTra Token | MTT) which they can use to get access to high-class at a reduced rate or even for free. Readers are free to stick to the subscription of their choice or to walk away.

Benefit for Society

In unison the MulTra team around Onik Mia adheres to and defends the Vitalik Buterin quality criteria. The MulTra system is a substantial contribution to building a sustainable model for the entire online news industry. It takes pressure away from professionals whose work is indispensable for the functioning of our democracies. These would be at jeopardy if professional journalism were drowned in the sea of rumors and fake news. The malfunctioning of the free press is a systemic risk for society.

Ethereum Technology

The same is true for the MulTra approach to the Ethereum technology: The Ethereum Community’s response to the MTT Open Source solidity code was clear and positive. 12,000 peers endorsed it immediately upon its publication.

The impact of this support has positive practical implications, for it removes the need for a Pre-Sale to finance the generation of the token.

ITO Takeoff

The sale of 500,000,000 tokens will start on February,19 at 3 pm CET. The team is working hard to inform the public about the substance of the MulTra ecosystem and determined to do its utmost to implement the MulTra Project in all its beauty. They are vividly aware of its dimension.

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Article by Dr. Martin Bartels