Would you have done it differently?

She was the Head of Human Resources (HR).

She put the HR process in place. The employees thrived. The company grew and is growing.

She is now in a wheelchair. Acute illness. Unemployed. Her best friends help her to pay for the medical bills.

She shouldn’t have put her best work to build the company. Really?

He withdrew his family’s savings. The money was used to help his company close a deal.

The company eventually paid him back. A good story.

He was just an employee.

A few months later, he decided to resign. The company didn’t see it coming. The timing wasn’t right — but, for whom?

The stakeholders weren’t happy. They thought he was a bad apple.

He shouldn’t have helped the company with his savings. Really?

He was a salesman. He was hired to lead the sales team.

Before his time, the company could sell. Only sell.

Internal operations? A second-class citizen. Client satisfaction? A low priority.

At the year end, he missed his revenue target. But…

The internal culture? Improved. Satisfied clients? Added, more.

His review was marked: underperformed.

He shouldn’t have cared about client satisfaction and the people working for him. Really?

A small village girl came in as a family maid.

For the same family, she worked for 30+ years. In between, she had a failed marriage.

She took care of the master’s daughter and son. Then, the master’s daughter’s daughter and son.

She was later sick. Old age. Moved back to her village.

She is now in eternal peace.

She shouldn’t have dedicated her life for the family. Really?

For some, work is a calling.

I dedicated this article for people who have been an inspiration to do great work.

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