Having 2 kids on the ASD let me tell you…. feeding them can be a struggle! It’s the normal everyday feeding kids problem, times ten. Ty won’t try anything new, unless it’s chocolate or junky! He just politely says “No Thankyou” and I want to kill him! Of course he doesn’t care that I have spent all that time in the kitchen cooking something that looks like crap but is supposed to be really healthy! Sigh!

Fun fact… I’m Type 2 diabetic. I have been diagnosed for 5 years now. I spent a lot of time denying this fact and figuring I am going to die anyway, F&#$ it, bring on the yummy food! The last couple of years I realised its not all about me (I’m a slow learner) and I need to be here as long as possible to help raise these weird little people…. There is no way Chris can do that on his own! So we started implementing the slow carb diet. We’ve evolved that into the Ketogenic Diet and we almost always stick to it! Almost always, wine doesn’t count!

We haven’t as yet successfully made our kids stick to it… Especially Ty… He is a CARB FIEND!

There have been numerous studies done on gut microbes and behavioral issues, including Autism. It’s very interesting the correlations that are being made between gut bacteria and behavior.

Now I am in no way saying I’m going to be doing a fecal transplant on my kids! That shit won’t fly… so to speak. But I have changed a few things in both Caleb and Ty’s diet over time. When Caleb was diagnosed way back 10 years ago, we removed all preservatives, colours and additives from his food. It really helped a lot. I noticed an improvement in his moods straight away. We had already removed most of that when Ty was diagnosed so it hasn’t been such an upheaval for us. Ty stopped breastfeeding at 1 year old and went on to having normal fat milk in his bottles, he was having about 4 or 5 bottles a day. When he was about 2 1/2 years old all the tests started, after a health nurse checking on Lochie noticed there was something not quite right with Ty. We swapped out Ty’s milk bottles for formula as we knew he wasn’t getting anywhere near enough vitamins and minerals from his limited diet that we were able to make him eat. Toast, mashed potato and unhealthy chips were his absolute favourite! We noticed a massive improvement in his behavior! His food has been harder to tackle.

We mostly try to make him eat a low carb meal for dinner or sausages because they are a steady favourite! We can’t as yet get him to eat any other meat and I have to use a bar mixer to zhush his food (anything other than sausages) as the texture makes him gag. My FIL has bought a sausage maker and we are just waiting on skins to try and make our own sausages! I hate buying them from the shops as everyone knows they are just the leftover bits of animals all ground up! BLEGH! Cauliflower is king in our dinners too, cauli mash is great! It looks like mashed potato and Ty will wolf it down! Cauli rice is another favourite, by us but not Ty… yet.

Caleb got over his aversions to food once he was old enough to understand being bribed…. or threatened. I know it can feel like forever but it’s not. It’s just another stage to get through. Some days it feels like a constant struggle but the trick is to keep on trying. Introducing new foods is an important step to getting their guts in working order and as mine have a much larger chance of being diabetic when they’re older, we have to be very aware of what they are eating!

Has anyone else had any luck with diet change for kiddies? I’d love to hear any recipes or ideas that have worked for you!


PS: Chris and I are HUGE fans of Tim Ferris and followed his Slow Carb Diet for a long time with great results! Grab a copy here!

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