Google, you make us wait…

… but the wait’s worth it!

Here is what I’m most excited about:

All new Firebase

Firebase becomes unified app platform!

Firebase Analytics

Free and unlimited analytic solution for mobile apps.

Firebase Cloud Messaging

GCM is now FCM. Available for free and unlimited usage.

Firebase Storage

Powered by Google cloud storage.

Firebase Remote Config

Instantly-updatable variables to customize your app on the fly, enable/disable features/look/feel without having to publish a new version.

Firebase Hosting

Custom domain support is free now.

Firebase Crash Reporting

Prioritized, actionable reports.

Firebase Test Lab for Android

Rebranding of clound test lab.

Firebase Notifications

Deliver notifications to your user without writing a single line of code. Available for free and is unlimited.

Firebase Dynamic Links

URLs to take user to web or app based on if the app is installed. Also, remembers and takes user to exact path after the app is installed.

Firebase Invites

Easy referral code or content sharing.

Firebase App Indexing

Rebranding of Google app indexing.

AdWords + Firebase

Adwords is now integrating with Firebase.

Android Studio 2.2

Faster build speed, easier test recordings, new layout designer with constraint layouts, apk analyzer.

Android Instant Apps

Modules of app that open directly from links. Easy migration of your current project to new modular format using android studio.

Progressive Web Apps

Add to homescreen, works offline, notifications.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Loads instantly, embeds anywhere.


Conversational assistant to have a 2-way dialog with users.
Coming soon.


One-to-one calling app.Fast, slow-network-optimized, end-to-end encrypted.
Coming soon.


Smart messaging app. Smart replies to even pics. Google assistant integrated to show suggestion. Incognito mode.
Coming soon.


New app for sharing in small groups for everything in life.


A voice-activated home product that allows users to perform tasks by voice.


Modern 3D graphics API which gives direct control of the GPU.


Google’s first product for creating high-quality VR experiences.
Coming soon.

Android Wear 2.0

A tiny keyboard for your watch, handwriting recognition, smart replies, automatic activity tracking API. All this without need of an android phone nearby.
Coming soon.

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