Shah Rukh Khan, I will be more tolerant.

Recently on his 50th birthday, to answer a question on #AwardWapsi by interviewer Rajdeep Sardesai, SRK said India is becoming religiously intolerant. If we think over it, aren’t we becoming intolerant over everything? Parents, partners, friends, office mates, plans, accidents. Whenever anyone or anything goes against us, we react as quickly as possible to attain some instant justice.

Raghu from Roadies was probably the first person I had seen, who was extremely intolerant whenever views of contestants varied from his. These days, it is becoming a norm. I want to take an initiative in being more tolerant. If my parents would say something against me, I will be more tolerant. If my partner would scold me, I will not react instantly. If a friend would cancel movie plans, I will not start blaming. If someone would accidentally hit my bike, I would think before I act.

I hope we all realize the importance of being a little more tolerant. Having implemented this in my life for a week now, I certainly feel more connected with fellow human beings and it has also helped me retain my inner peace at all times.

Shah Rukh, I promise I will be more tolerant. :)