Sure we cannot be sure something will not happen, but we especially cant be sure what the…
Tim Jagodzinski

Well of course you can’t be sure, you also can’t be sure you won’t fall down and break your leg going on a walk. No one is going to implement full UBI without many tests, you can be pretty sure about that at least.

If the economy is not great because people are not taking jobs, those jobs probably are manual labor jobs (not automated yet), so people should not have a problem finding jobs because businesses would be in demand of such workers, once enough people are working, everything should go back to normal. But like I said, I don’t think economy would go down, IMO it would go up. If not, well, we tried. That’s what tests are for. I just don’t think it’s not worth trying just because you’re afraid it might not work.

Communists and socialist were trying too much to make equal outcome and not equal opportunity. And also control. By the way I have no love for commies and the likes, my country was occupied by Soviet Union. Whatever was communism and socialism ideas, these terrible examples are when when it was enforced without leaving a choice, using force and brutality, by authoritarian governments, that’s obviously wrong.

You may disagree, but UBI is very different. Manufacturing and means of production are not owned by the state, it does not eliminate classes, there’s still ownership and money, and very important - it’s not about everyone getting equal share of everything. UBI does not remove the incentive to work harder, with UBI working harder means more reward, and there’s opportunity to make to the top. Of course communism/socialism in its purest most authoritarian forms failed, if no matter how much and how smart you work you still get the same reward as everyone else, there is no incentive, no immediate significant reward. With UBI you do get a reward immediately, and you get much more than someone who works less or doesn’t work.

And well, I think UBI can be about freedom, especially if the government (authority) is pretty small and with minimal regulation, and if it’s controlled by people democratically. What else could it be? Anarchy? Complete freedom is not really possible.

UBI is not something you can lose easily, if you can, it’s not UBI anymore. I don’t know if you know about Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend, it’s kinda like small UBI, way smaller than what you can live on, but even in this case pushing against it is political suicide in Alaska. People control government, if not, it’s not democracy, and if it’s not democracy then what are we even talking about. Let’s not forget that there’s also rich people, government does not own everything and everyone, and again, government is elected by people, I don’t think anyone is against democracy nor poor nor rich in western countries.

Anyway, of course we need tests. No one is going to just do it at once. That said, this model seems most level-headed of all, who’s right and who’s wrong, we will see. Until then, educated guessing is all we can do, well, and testing gradually and carefully.

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