Digital Mum Close to the Edge

It’s hard to believe that just 6 months ago I was a stay at home mum of two, who had ditched a career in media advertising to spend more time with my family. Realising more time with my family was also more time watching Paw Patrol, changing nappies, constantly cleaning a never tidy house and generally feeling a little bit like I was just the hired help. I decided to do something for me and signed up to Digital Mums Social Media Management course, and so Mum Close to the Edge was born.

So 6 months of juggling two kids, a 15 hour a week Social Media Management course with limited childcare for the eldest and no childcare for the youngest- how would it all work? I don’t know was the answer back then and to be honest I still don’t know. We juggled, my husband pitched in and I worked at nap time, in the evening and at the weekends. I went to bed too late and got up too early and I was on my phone what felt like constantly- checking Twitter and firing off posts and articles here there and everywhere. My son watched a lot more YouTube and got a bit too used to having toast and jam for tea. Some weeks were amazing, some weeks the only thing for it was to drink beer and eat chocolate.

As tough as it was it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Doing something for me felt amazing. I had a great time building up and engaging with all of my lovely followers. But it has to be said the best part about Digital Mums for me was my peer group, 5 women from different parts of the country who have all become friends. Our individual skillsets proved to be invaluable as no matter what the question (or time of day for that matter) someone was on WhatsApp to help (sometimes answering the same question 20 times until it finally sunk in).

I would definitely recommend the course, its tough but definitely worth the effort. I can’t wait to get cracking now and see what the future holds. it’s safe to say Mum Close to the Edge will be sticking around.

(Photo credit- Digital Mums)

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