Two kids, very little sanity

Mum Close to the Edge is born.

I used to work in media, I loved my job. The fast paced nature of working in a city centre radio station, brilliant colleagues and friends, client entertaining, you get the picture. One baby later and things changed. Freddie was born with pneumonia and spent a week in special care. My (already reasonably high) OCD levels spiked and sent me spiralling into crazyville. My maternity leave was then wasted by constantly checking the colour of the gro egg, trying to get a super fussy baby to eat and generally worrying about anything and everything.

When he was 9 months old I started back at work. I was excited but massively apprehensive about the child care I had chosen and everything else, including the hour commute each way. My first day back in the office, 2.30pm I got the dreaded call from nursery that he was ill and could I pick him up, it went down hill from there. Croup, flu, stomach bug- you name it we had it. I carried on working until he was 18 months old and I decided I couldn’t do the juggling anymore.

So here we are today a stay at home mum, with a now 3.5 year old Freddie and an 9 month old little girl Lily. I am not (as) crazy anymore. I don’t sit in 2 hours worth of traffic everyday, my anxiety levels are pretty normal (if I don’t drink 3 espressos in the morning that is) I don’t worry that my son won’t know who I am and I don’t miss any of his pre-school plays or sports days.

Life is now about different challenges, sneaking anything vaguely nutritious into a smoothie, picking up 3000 pieces of Duplo every day and watching every episode of Paw patrol. I can’t seem to remember anything if it isn’t written down and my house is a disgrace, but nowadays I just get up and try to do my best.

So, there you have it Mum Close to the Edge is born. it’s really just a day in the life of a busy, mildly crazy mum of two, living in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Where I’m going and what I’m doing- with and without the kids. Plus tips on getting some much deserved #metime. There is obviously all the usual my kids are getting on my nerves type stuff plus a some lifestyle, interiors, recipes, local news and hopefully something to raise a smile when you need it most.


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