Personal storytelling is effective to heal yourself

Since the time I am associated with a platform that encourages mums to share a slice of their personal life, I have come to believe, talking about your personal life has the impact to heal you.

It isn’t what you would see on social media where only the best of pictures, travel journeys, lifestyle changes are posted. Seldom do individuals speak of their personal fears, grey chapters in life or something they are trying to deal with in life.

Avenues to express yourself where you are not judged are much required and a space where you can share your life or a chapter from it through a written format or to a live audience can heal you and perhaps bring that connect and help others too.

As I work and interact with many mothers; some who are doing great in their professional lives and many who are happy, yet there are far too many who want something more from their lives, It is many times a blurred patch for them to talk about in open on little dilemmas, problems, past incidents that leave them with emotional scares and more.

I have seen mums having children with special needs or those who have faced a turmoil in childhood or even those who struggle being single parents, their stories have resonated with similar mums and I have received the feedback that it has helped both in dealing with existing anxieties in life.

Jael Varma speaking on her late mom on Mums and Stories

I have been thoroughly inspired by several men and in women many of them who are mothers have shared their delicate and sensitive emotions that have made others feel inspired and do something more better with their lives. One of the stories we published after meeting her was on Jael Varma, a young individual who is a poet, a travel freak and emerging actress. She spoke on her obsession on her mom who was so important in her life and how much she missed her late mom. Stories like these bring that connect and helps those who are perhaps sailing in a similar boat.

Storytelling according to me has always been there in our lives. Be it in cinema, brands connecting with audience, literature and so many more mediums. Whether it is written or a oral format or something you would hear it in a audio or the growing visual story telling form, sharing on your life to help yourself or others will remain a vital part to heal the world.