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That Mum Label

We mums can get so easily pigeon-holed can’t we? It’s easy to become defined by that label “Mum”. An assumption attached to it is that we are only interested in “Mumsy” things. Like parenting tips, activities for kids, clothes for kids, all the things about the kids.

Of course, those things are important to us. Those sticky, unpredictable, amazing little people are the centre of our universe. But we aren’t “just mums”, we are women with diverse and unique interests, passions and beliefs.

So that’s why I thought long and hard about calling this Mums of Bournemouth. But then I thought: sod it. Being women who are also parents still — until we get this equality business sorted out — comes with a different set of challenges than being a man who is a parent. In most cases we are still taking on the majority of the childcare and household duties. But it is those challenges that can bring us together.

Also, Mums of Bournemouth just shortens quite nicely to MoB and I couldn’t ignore that.

The MoB Mission

I thought, perhaps that is exactly what we need: to come together in our shared interests. Interests which include ways to keep the kids occupied when it is week two of the summer holidays and it’s raining and you’re bang out of ideas; but go beyond that to encompass things like:

  • how do we find work which is both fulfilling and flexible?
  • how can we carve out some more “me time” to recharge our batteries?
  • where can we go for the best cocktails with our friends?

So the Mums of Bournemouth mission is simple: to forge a sense of community online by bringing together local women who happen to be mums to talk about the things that are important to us.

Next I’m going to tell you what you can expect from the Mums of Bournemouth campaign. But if you’re already sold — perhaps I had you at “cocktails” — then come and…

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What to Expect from Mums of Bournemouth

Work That Works
I hope to share inspiring stories of women who have set up their own businesses after having kids or who have found work that works for them (#workthatworks) and give a shout out to the local employers who are embracing flexible working. Let’s celebrate those successes.

Kids of Bournemouth
Activities, events, tips for keeping them occupied, free things to do, school holiday clubs, childcare. Let’s talk about all of that.

Mum Time
The average woman gets just 17 minutes a day “me time”. Some of you will be reading this like “what?! I’m lucky to get one minute!”. Let’s talk about strategies/tips for carving out some all important me time. Let’s share our favourite ways to recharge, relax and unwind.

Bournemouth Unchained
We all love a Starbucks from time to time. But isn’t it great when you find an independently owned coffee shop with excellent wi-fi, colouring for the small people, the kind of coffee that instantly snaps those tired eyes back open, with the friendly owner that you know by name?

Let’s celebrate all that our local area has to offer as an alternative to the giant homogenous chains. Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, clothing: this campaign will be on a mission to forgage out all of Bournemouth’s hidden gems.

At Home in Bournemouth
The old English proverb says “A man’s home is his castle” but really we know that is just as true for a woman. We Brits love our bricks and mortar don’t we? House prices, school catchment areas, interior design. Can’t get enough of that stuff. So let’s talk about all of those things in relation to our local area.

Whether it be celebrating a local builder who turned up when they said they would, did a sterling job of your bathroom re-fit and tidied up after or sharing tips on getting your house ready to sell; this is the place to chat about it.

Community News
We live in a beautiful and vibrant place, so finally let’s just talk about anything else that is going on locally that matters.

Mums of Bournemouth is About You and For You

This campaign will work best and be the most interesting if you get involved. So share the Facebook page with fellow Mums; comment on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter posts; use the hashtag #mumsofbournemouth to share your own pictures / tips / advice on Twitter or Instagram and I’ll re-post.

Be part of the MoB!

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