Get Inspired By Successful Business Women of Bournemouth: Hannah Jeffery

Celebrating local women that have taken control of their work/life balance and started a business after having kids

In this first of what will hopefully be a series of interviews with local business women, we talk to local accounting business owner Hannah Jeffery.

So many women struggle to find a balance between their job and their family that suits them. That’s why increasing numbers of women are taking control of their work/life balance and starting up their own business or going freelance.

But taking the leap into self employment can be daunting so that’s why I’ve put together this series which will hopefully inspire any would-be solopreneurs to have the courage and the faith to take that leap.

So with that in mind, let’s chat to Hannah and find out about her business, her motivations and her advice for you!

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business

My name is Hannah Jeffery, and I am a thirty-something year old, mum of two. I run a small accounting practice from my home in Bournemouth, providing bookkeeping, self-assessment, payroll, VAT and company accounting services to small and medium sized businesses.

2. What motivated you to start your business?

The main motivation behind starting my own business was to allow myself to pursue my career ambitions, while being able to be there for my young family. Being self-employed gives me the flexibility to do the school run, attend sports days, etc, but still allows me to use the qualifications and experience I have built up in my career prior to starting a family.

3. If you could go back in time to when you were first starting up, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself?

Set realistic expectations, and have faith! I think my initial goals for the growth of my business (and the timescales in which it was achievable) were a little ambitious! In the early stages, when things aren’t growing at the rate you expected, it would be easy to give up and get a ‘proper job’! However, having faith in myself (and from those around me) allowed me to stick with it until the business started to flourish.

4. What do you love best about running your own business / being your own boss?

I love the flexibility, the challenge, and also meeting new people. I thought that working for myself might be quite lonely, but I am continually networking and meeting potential/new clients. The fact that you can decide your own goals and working hours allows you to set up your work/life balance.

5. What encouragement would you give to anyone reading this who is thinking about starting their own business but perhaps afraid to take the leap?

You can only regret the things you don’t try! No one wants to look back and think ‘what if’ or ‘if only’. It is not an easy option, setting up on your own, but the rewards definitely outweigh the struggles. I also think networking is key; meeting new, like-minded people, and getting advice from people who have been through it before.

Thanks Hannah, some great advice!

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