by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

I’m Muna, 24 years old, graduated from Computer Science department,

here is my story with Digital Marketing : 
‏One day, while I was looking for a job at one of the job sites I noticed a lot of Job Offers from digital marketing sector,I decided to apply for one of these jobs. It was from a startup company looking for an employee interested in marketing regardless of his field of study, I applied, a week later I was invited to the personal interview, Before the interview I did some research on the internet and I gathered some information about the marketing field to be ready for the questions.
The next day I went to the company and headed to the marketing department.

‏I was impressed with the place and I liked the signboards which are of course the ads for the company, there was more than one person waiting for their turn to enter the interview, in the interview The first question after the question about my name was”What do you know about marketing?” My answer was, “Marketing is the ability to convince the customer about your product.” The second question was, “How can you do that?”

Here at this point, I could not find the right answer, I could not say anything, how can I know“How”When There is more than one person of different ages from different places ! How can I convince all of them about my product!?

At that moment I decided to learn and gain knowledge about the marketing world, I searched in the Internet about digital marketing courses and I joined up with Udacity digital marketing Nanodegree Program.

Now I’m close to graduating and I am happy with the amount of information I have received so far and I feel confident in myself To pass any interview and get the job I want.